Praise for Traversa:

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'High above the vast pile of African-adventure travelogues'

'At last – intrepid dispatches from a traveller refreshingly aware of his own folly ... Sandham is a likeable and self-deprecating narrator, and I found myself increasingly gripped.'

'A classical account of one man's struggle to test himself against Nature ... his pluck is appealing ... I hope we shall hear more of his travels.'

'I REALLY enjoyed this book. It had me laughing out loud.'

'Sandham proves to be genial company, approaching the trials of the open road with
self-deprecating humour ... the book is warm and entertaining. Sandham nimbly weaves anecdotes about his illustrious predecessors, notably Livingstone and Stanley, into the story and sensitively recounts the turbulent histories of the lands he travels through. Above all, it is his enthusiasm for adventure and the variety of human life that makes Traversa so memorable.'

'An authentic tale of self-discovery in the rawest of African surroundings. Sandham's dogged determination is enormously impressive, and his encounters with people and animals (most prominent of which is the devil in donkey form) put this near the top of the pile of African travelogues – and make it one for walkers everywhere.'

'To see what a skilled author can do within epics of solitary travel, I recommend Traversa by Fran Sandham.'
George Fetherling, SEVEN OAKS MAGAZINE

'On a mission to cross Africa on foot, Fran Sandham could have started somewhere easy, like Cape Town or Zanzibar. But he didn't. He chose the Namib Desert, graveyard of explorers ...'

'The power and success of the book are a result of careful historical research, his ability to write with wit and candour, and the daunting nature of the task he sets himself. Sandham's droll sense of humour is also key.'

'A likeable and skilled raconteur, Sandham brings his daring odyssey to life with verve, style and passion.'

'Compelling, witty and insightful'

'A thoroughly uplifting account of an epic journey across Africa ... Sandham writes with wit and a gentle self-deprecating humour, and his extraordinary enthusiasm for his mission appears unabated even in the most trying of circumstances.'

'A fantastic adventure'

'I didn’t want the adventure to end! This is a gripping read, one which unashamedly refuses to beat about the bush. It will leave you wincing, laughing, moved and inspired, not only by the extremes of Africa and the limits of human endurance, but most of all by the kindness of strangers.'

'An African odyssey ... a classic tale of self-discovery ... enough curious encounters with animals and people to fill both National Geographic and the Fortean Times ... Quite openly, Sandham struggles with the quicksand-like tradition of Westerners who set out to pitch themselves against an exotic and naively reductionist landscape. It takes a deft hand to pull such ventures off without veering into dodgy (to put it mildly) stereotype, and Sandham has too much affection for Africa to pay it that disservice ... he comes across as well-meaning, someone who genuinely cares about these things ... his mammoth traverse is pared down and honest.'


'Sandham's talent for summoning up the sights, sounds and sensations of the continent is enviable, whether he’s nervously crossing a game reserve or following Livingstone’s footsteps to the Upper Zambezi and Victoria Falls. He has included some nice colour pictures, but his text is even more evocative. Close your eyes and you’re almost there.'

'Very few people would consider crossing Africa on foot. Even fewer would think of doing it alone without any assistance or safety net to fall back on. Fran Sandham's book Traversa is the complete and fascinating tale of this nutter's African exploits.'

'An incredible story ... terrific writing skills and a great sense of humor make this one of my top books for the year. Highly recommended.'

'Unpretentious, lively and inspiring'

'Daring and adventurous ... Never does Sandham present himself as over-serious or earnest ... Readers might feel so inspired by the richness of his experience that they'll book a flight to Windhoek, hitch down to the Skeleton Coast and emulate this remarkable year-long journey.'

'Witty and engaging ... told with great humour and passion.'

'A quirky and enjoyable tale'

'Traversa is an honest and hugely amusing account ... In his witty, fast-paced book, Sandham describes his trials and tribulations, hilarious mishaps and encounters with memorably bizarre characters, while at the same time giving fascinating insight into the history of the Victorian explorers. Sandham's love for Africa is contagious as he makes you feel like you are right there with him, experiencing every step of this brave journey.'

'Africa is given a fresh and hugely amusing perspective in Traversa ... The result is a heart-warming reflection of Africa's people and places.'

Traversa is imbued with a rich sense of humour, featuring sclerotic Afrikaners, recalcitrant donkeys, and amorous backpackers. Traversa reassures the less intrepid that epic adventure is not beyond us ... Reading Traversa is not an insight into a troubled soul, it is much more akin to a genial friend's recollections ... it's a highly enjoyable read that bears taking some time over. You have fun reading it, and by the end of the process you feel edified. I'm not sure you can really ask for much more from a book.’

'A wickedly funny read. Sandham's dry sense of humour and sharp observational skills bring his bizarre experiences to life; his wit and obvious intelligence make it an engaging and thought-provoking account ... a highly amusing book ...'
'A very honest account of blisters, raging heat, disastrous donkeys and a bloody-mindedness to achieve his goal ... such an engaging read ... rather heroic ... the author drags you along with his fierce, unbending determination.'

'A warm, humorous, and distinctly individual account of a remarkable adventure ... From the outset Sandham is more than willing to take diversions, historical and geographical, as the mood takes him. It’s an idiosyncratic approach, and typical of Sandham, but one that is hugely rewarding to the reader.'

'Frank and uplifting, a well-written account.'

'Sandham discovers a unique view of Africa, its people, and its early explorers ... Understated, the book is spiced with the author’s self-deprecating humour and dry wit, as his early naivety is replaced by sheer bloody-mindedness, superhuman stamina and extraordinary penny-pinching. A great read.'

‘Fran Sandham’s book recalls his adventures in an enthralling and moving way. This is not just an account of a journey but it gives a real feeling of the spirit of the country through which he passes. The account of the walk is blended with historical background and folklore, and the horrors of the slave trade and the savage wars of the continent are vivid. This is a compelling story with which walkers can identify and which opens one’s eyes to life in central Africa. A recommended read!’
STRIDER MAGAZINE (Journal of the Long Distance Walkers Association)

'There is something undeniably compelling about the sheer audacity, or perhaps insanity, of Sandham’s undertaking …  It is almost impossible to remain detached. Even reading the book between cool sheets with clean, running water just yards away, one cannot but be drawn in by Sandham's descriptions of the almost indescribable desert heat, utter exhaustion and very real danger of lion attacks, as well as the colorful characters and unconditional acts of kindness he encounters along the way.
     The details of the Victorian explorers, which are woven through the book and bring an unexpected historical perspective to what could easily have degenerated into a self-centred yarn, make Traversa a fascinating testimony to the unquenchable curiosity and bloody-minded endurance of true adventurers.'

'Engaging and humorous ... this awe-inspiring memoir is evidence of Sandham's determination, free spirit and pure obsession with the African continent.'

'Interwoven with great humour and anecdotes from the explorers who inspired him ... a very gripping story.'

'In this enthralling book, Sandham brings his solo walk from the aptly-named Skeleton Coast to the Indian Ocean to life. He comes across, variously, as courageous, determined, bloody-minded, and completely insane. There's no cheating on this journey, even though the temptations must have been enormous. By the end of the book, it's easy to feel, as he does, that he has earned his right to be in Africa. The book is filled with dry humour … I heartily recommend it.'

‘A very honest account of Sandham’s travail across Africa … a dry sense of humor and irreverent writing style … Traversa will take you on a memorable journey across Africa, a roller-coaster ride that stretches all the way from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean.’

'It's a Boy's Own fantasy that most people have had at one time or another, but one that is gradually displaced by the weight of work, family, mortgages and bills. But Fran Sandham is one of the tiny minority to untangle themselves from the rat-race and follow his dream ...'

'This is real old school adventure ... Great stuff!'

'Despite this being a solo voyage, readers really get to come along for the ride, and will find Fran excellent company.'

'Traversa is bulging at the seams with humour and a clear love of Africa ... Sandham is hardly the epic figure we conjure up when you imagine someone daring enough (and not a little crazy) to cross Africa on foot, particularly, when it seems to be on some kind of a whim, without backing or support. But then, perhaps Sandham isn't as normal as he would have us believe. At the nucleus of this plan is a burning ambition and personal desire so ferocious that it is astonishing …
      The Africa that we have all grown accustomed to via the media, whether it be the news, tabloids or the American film industry is shattered in part. To be sure, there are dangers but it would seem that the arrival of a solitary, seemingly insane white man into rural Africa just made everyone want to be helpful. Traversa is more like talking to your friend about a very, very long holiday they once took – there is nothing starchy or staid about this book. Full of warmth, humour and a lot of balls, this was an immensely enjoyable read.'

'Hot stuff! If you're looking for an adventure and don't fancy getting off the couch yourself, this is just the book you need. Gripping, inspiring and very funny, Traversa also has its moments of pathos. Highly recommended.'

'Well written and amusing'

'This book kept me riveted from start to finish. Fran seems like such a likable, down to earth guy and tells his story with such humour and humility that you feel you're there with him.'

'What sets Traversa apart from other quixotic quests is the author's self-deprecating humour and genuine warmth for the people he meets on his journey.'

'Forget endless near-death experiences and eating your own dogs to survive. Fran Sandham reminds us all that adventure can be undertaken with a large spoonful of humour too.'

'An inspirational book ... such a good read ... all the ingredients that make a good story ... a compelling protagonist ... evocative descriptions of the people he meets and the places he sees.'

'Traversa is a gem, the true tale of a determined and courageous man’s solo walk across Africa … you’ll be thoroughly entertained. [Sandham] brings his experience to life in his writing, with wonderful descriptions of changes in scenery and wildlife … He must of course be very fit but I love the way that whenever he gets a chance he drinks large amounts of alcohol, stuffs his face with junk food, and is generally very funny and self-deprecating … This book is exciting, fascinating, hilarious, reflective, and illuminating. I thoroughly recommend it.'

'An epic journey, told as a jaunt: it's a fabulous read and surprisingly enlightening one. I may have expected a poetic approach – I was rewarded with something entirely different. Sandham’s tribulations make excellent copy … his style is utterly conversational, full of tremendous wit. He simply tells it as it was, with a good dollop of history on the side.'

'An engaging and often hilariously self-aware account'

'Ever considered walking across an entire continent? That's exactly what Fran Sandham did ... Traversa is the funny and engaging account of this extraordinary journey.'

'A fascinating tale written by an Englishman who decides he needs to accomplish something meaningful in his comfortable but meandering life ... He intersperses his experience with those of his 19th-century forerunners so that the reader learns a great deal about the countries he traverses. His respect and admiration for the people he meets along the way is obvious. Most of us will never attempt such an astounding trek but we will be inspired by Sandham’s indomitable spirit.'

'A great feat'

'For everyone who's said there are no more travel adventures left'

‘Jaw-dropping traveller's tales’

‘What gets your bags packed and off travelling? The sun, food, a great film even? Well, for us it’s literature - Traversa by Fran Sandham.’

'An epic journey ... humorous and inspiring.'

'A gloriously quirky piece of travel writing.'

'Sandham recounts his journey in the excellent Traversa with wit and self-deprecating humour.'

'Fran Sandham decided to retrace the traversa on foot ... It’s a frankly lunatic idea but Sandham’s deft way with explaining the explorers’ history and context as they guide his contemporary trek creates a page-turning narrative that helps the reader empathise with why he felt compelled to make the crossing in this most difficult yet rewarding way.'

'You have to admire Sandham's perseverance – even in folly ... What keeps you turning the pages of Traversa is the voice of Sandham himself: slightly self-deprecating, somewhat bemused, and always ready to get up in the morning, shoulder the giant pack and see what the day will bring ...'

'With more than a dash of grit and obsession, Fran Sandham left behind London's daily grind to undertake an extraordinary 3,000-mile walk across Africa. Part travelogue, part humorous whimsy, Traversa interweaves adventure with historical tales of battles, conquests, cannibalism and the madness of famed African explorers Livingstone, Stanley and Grogan.'

'An amusing page-turner – let's hope Fran Sandham crosses another continent soon ...'

‘Remarkable … the fascinating story of an epic journey … Sandham believes you can find adventure anywhere if you look hard enough - just leave the donkey at home …’

'Stuffed with adventure, blazing sunshine, catastrophic donkeys and dangerous, unfamiliar landscapes.'

'Sandham knows how to tell a good yarn at a pace which I am guessing matches his hyperactive personality, and he is very funny ... his Traversa is a huge achievement.'

'A gripping tale'

'The twinkle in his eye and the self-mocking tone Sandham occasionally adopts doesn't hide the fact that deep down he's a pretty tough character'

'Young and foolish, Rough Guide editor and inveterate traveller Sandham writes with down-to-earth glee of the personalities, hardships, pleasures and idiocy of a solo walk (sometimes in the company of a donkey or mule) through tough terrain.'

'An astonishing journey - one that almost, almost makes you want to follow in his footsteps.'

'A witty account ... In a market saturated with travel writing, this lively and funny narrative stands out.'

'I was intrigued by this book ... A funny and engaging account of this incredible journey.'

'An inspiring tale'

'An epic trek ... Some people find the walk from the tube station to the office taxing enough ...'

'What an amazing feat! Fran Sandham walked across Africa – all the way – alone – no film crew, no Land Rover escorts, and very little money. What he does travel with is humor, modesty and considerable writing talent. I’m glad I wasn’t on the trip with him, but I would have liked to have met him in a bar (where he seems to spend quite a bit of time) afterwards.'

'An incredible journey'

'Heroes push to the limit ... Filled with amazing adventures, there are also plenty of laughs, not least the time when Fran enlists the help of a donkey ...'

'A gripping account'

'An incredible tale of African adventure ... an epic journey'

'Sandham's groundbreaking journey is told with great humour in Traversa.'

'An epic adventure'

'It's great to relax and read about other exerting themselves. Fran Sandham is great company during his account of a three thousand mile solo walk west to east across the African continent. You'll really love the tales involving the mule from hell which Fran was conned into buying "to help".'

‘Traversa will always have a special place in my heart as the first piece of adventure literature I read back in school, and I can guarantee that this book will have you in stitches and tears as well as brief interludes of philosophical pondering!’

Individuals' reviews:

'I’ve never done this before, teetered on the brink of fan mail, but I really loved Traversa. I loved the pace of it – on your terms totally you didn’t moan too much or describe too much – it was a great balance. I loved your humour – understatement is king in my mind. I loved the way you arrived at the coast and thought "oh bugger…" I loved the four footed interlude. I loved the ending and I’m glad you wrote it down too… I especially loved your musing on motive. I’ve read heaps of travel books and Traversa is a cut above. So there you have it. A proper fan thing.
PS. Please walk across somewhere else.'
'Immensely memorable... for all the right reasons. I allowed myself the pleasure of only a chapter a day as I wanted to really savor the pleasure of devouring this memoir for as long as I possibly could. Sandham never truly reveals, in fact I'm not entirely sure he knows, the reasons why he really undertook this trek - but I am immensely glad he did. His pinpoint almost staccato descriptions of people he meets leaves a lasting impression and visual image of those people. I don't think I will ever look at a man named Dan quite the same way again!
       During his 50km a day walks through Africa he discourses on such idiocies as where do flies go at night? I found myself laughing out loud, smiling, grimacing, shaking my head and even empathising at..... and with... Mr Sandham and the people, insects, flora and fauna he comes in contact with during this amazing journey. He expertly weaves history and the stories of the great explorers into this memoir providing a multi-layered view of human idiocy, kindness, ignorance, arrogance and humour in such a way that I learned much about the continent that I love.
      This book is ideal for people who enjoy the sardonic, understated part of English humour; those who love a story of myopic refusal to veer from the goal; voyeurs of human nature and those who overall appreciate the indomitable spirit of an individual who is driven by the need to do something that no one has quite done before - and lived to tell the tale. I was genuinely sorry that Mr Sandham hadn't decided to cross another continent so that I could vicariously continue his journey.

'A stirring tale of derring-do and sheer bloody-mindedness that will have you chuckling in between sharp intakes of breath. Sandham describes the trials and tribulations of his walk across Africa in such honest detail that you can virtually feel every blister, hunger pang and donkey-based humiliation as he seems to revel in taking the line of most resistance on his epic journey'

'I wasn't sure what to expect from this book, but so many positive reviews made it worth a gamble. I wasn't disappointed.
     Without doubt this is one of the most enjoyable books I have read in years. Normally I give my books to charity after reading but this will stay firmly in my bookshelf.
     Fran writes with such honesty and clarity that you are sucked into his journey. I laughed out loud on so many occasions I had to start reading sections to my wife! I'm sure I started to feel his blisters and sore back, and I doubt I'll ever look at a donkey or mule in the same light again. Once you read this you'll have a different perspective on the commercial attempts which although looked like a hardship were worlds apart from Fran's amazing journey.
     Great book, well written ... I'm only sorry I've finished it ...'

'A great read - Traversa helped pass a couple of days whilst [New Zealand mountain accident] injuries heal (broken leg & arm and lacerations through to the bone). More than that, has got me out of the plaster-induced prison I've been in for the last few weeks, and given some thoughts to encourage me back onto the hill as soon as bloody possible!'
MATT BRIGGS (madpom)

'Traversa is Fran Sandham's record of his epic walk across Africa in the footsteps of the Victorian explorers. To say his journey was eventful would be an understatement – the book is peppered with hilarious mishaps as well as encounters with memorably bizarre characters. At the same time, he gives an fascinating insight into the history of the great Victorian explorers of the 'Dark Continent' – who range from praiseworthy to heroically stupid – and shows a keen understanding of the challenges of Africa today. I'd thoroughly recommend this to anyone who enjoys the books of Bill Bryson or Redmond O’Hanlon'

'Traversa was brilliant. I learnt so much history and wildlife facts about Africa,  in addition to being so entertained along the way. You've inspired me to Amtrak across the USA later this year. Cheers for the inspiration and gifting, this reader, the spirit of adventure.'

‘A fascinating and very readable account’

I'd recommend Traversa for a good read! If he's ever in your town visit a talk of his! Fantastic stuff.

'Unputdownable - reminded me that being grey and conformist is extremely boring. Brought me a little much-needed sunshine'

'A damn fine read!! I just think its such a massive achievement ... Well impressed!'

'There are many things to admire about Mr. Sandham's book: the fact that he underwent great hardship at times in order to write it; the way in which he has unveiled some little-known parts of Africa to a wider audience; or his eloquent turn of phrase and sometimes biting self-deprecating humour. But what stands out for me is in the way which he stuck to his task and wasn't seduced by the touristic, bombastic way to travel through a country. I don't mean that he didn't occasionally stay in a hostel (after hundreds of kilometres across lion country you might too), or that he didn't occasionally eat Western-style foods in souless supermarkets. What I mean is that he stuck to the task at hand and didn't go to see something or attempt to do something just because a guidebook said he should ... In an era of travel being accessible to so many more people, how refreshing to hear an account of someone who decided to tread a more personal path. Mr. Sandham did things 'his way' and I am sure his mentors Messrs. Livingstone, Stanley et al., would be proud'

'Michael Palin, Bruce Parry, Fran Sandham ... The intrepid and slightly barking Fran Sandham delivers a unique account of his Livingstone-inspired solo walk across Africa. Self-deprecating humour, a penchant for Shake-Shake beer, fags & junk food belie a steadfast determination and grit; even in the face of scary flying things, lions and truly nasty blisters. An inspiration and a delight. And without sponsorship – a true personal journey'

'Traversa was, by some way, the best book I have read for a long time. Having visited Namibia and Zambia myself over the last few years, [Sandham's] description of some of the places that he passed through (Swakopmund, Livingstone, etc) brought back the memories'

'Written in a truly evocative and engaging style, Traversa had me turning the pages keen to learn what new obstacles Sandham would encounter. Self-deprecating, philosophical and never one to take anything too seriously, Sandham writes in a way that is strangely easy to relate to. A thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking read - and you learn a little of the crazy history of the explorers along the way!'

'This is a book to savour. You can laugh at the absurdity, marvel at the staying power and just roll along with stories that constantly make you alternately chuckle and wince. Why, who knows or cares, just read it and enjoy a new slant on life, Africa and everything'

'Makes you want to get exploring your own road less travelled ... Having spent a significant amount of time in Namibia and travelled up to Zambia, much of what Fran Sandham was writing about was familiar, which made it even better to read as I had my own experiences to compare and contrast with. However, even if you haven't spent any time in the places he describes, this is a funny, insightful and fascinating read about the countries, the people and the animals that he encounters, as well as African history and interesting references to the explorers who went before – Livingstone, Stanley, Hahn et al.
      All the trials of trekking are there, from avoiding death by lions to coping with blisters and training misbehaving donkeys, all recounted without losing the sense of frustration but without wallowing in self-pity. But also all the highs of such an adventure – scenery, people, and the sense of adventure and achievement.
      All in all this is a really fascinating and addictive book and one that makes you want to pack in the job and go join Fran on road!'

'This book was sooooo good ... if you like to read a true modern-day adventure story you would like this one. At one certain point, I was laughing so loudly, my Dad came out of his room wondering what the joke was ...'

'Great stuff – more please! I loved this book. I'm easily irritated by the somewhat superior tone adopted by some travel writers but Traversa made a refreshing change. As well as the sense of adventure, for me it was the humour that made it a real page turner'

'Probably the most interesting book I had on my hands was Fran Sandham's Traversa ... A really nice book, that, for me, changes the way books about travels should be written'

'A bold, reflective and hugely amusing book. Credit to Sandham for showing how an ordinary person can make an incredible journey, across Africa, without a camera crew or support vehicle in tow. He clearly loves Africa and its people, without ever being patronising. He finds rich humour in both his own travails and in the heroism and pathos of the great (and not so great) explorers who inspired him. Ultimately, a unique grofund level view of this extraordinary continent which will engage modern adventurers and armchair travellers alike. Sandham is a tenacious and engaging companion in pursuit of his own epic achievement. I was genuinely sad when the journey ended'

'"It's a stupid walk, you need a stupid hat!" An epic 3,000-mile walk across the African continent, Sandham's book revisits and interrogates the original expeditions of Livingstone, Stanley and Grogan, playing them alongside his adventures. Part travelogue, part history, Traversa is a moving and hilarious account of the special relationship between Sandham and Africa'

'Traversa – had me dreaming of hardcore travel again ... Reading Traversa takes you on a great journey into the realms of adventure, into which we often wish or dream of heading but leave to others ... Humour adds to the description from the first page and Fran Sandham has effectively interwoven elements of historical fact and local culture'

'Traversa is a fab read and a refreshing change when it comes to travel/adventure books. I actually read it last year so the details are slightly fuzzy now, but the hilarious donkey/mule exploits and the nights of the ants are still clearly embedded in my memory. I still think its one of the best books I've ever read and having now thought about it, I'm going to go and read it again'

'Fran Sandham's very real walk  touched me. I was left feeling sad that it ended. Yes, I did escape into the words – but that was unavoidable because of the clear honesty'

'Wow ... what an adventure! I REALLY, REALLY enjoyed Traversa. It is exciting and full of dark humour and I found it difficult to stop reading. Now, I just hope that there will soon be another book by the same author!'

'A witty account of Fran Sandham's fantastic and slightly barmy journey by foot across Africa, revealing Africa to the reader through the author's own journey and his ruminations on the flawed glories of past epic treks by the likes of Livingstone'

'This is a great book. It's been a while since I read something that genuinely made me laugh out loud. It was a great introduction to the stories of the explorers as well. Opened a new door of interest for me. Full marks Fran Sandham'

'Traversa is an epic modern adventure across the African continent. It is very funny and well worth the read. Congratulations to the author for sharing his tale with us'

'An excellent read. I found the passages about the great explorers fascinating, and the account of his own adventure very funny. Highly recommended'

'I really did enjoy the book and its frankness, uncomfortably so at times!'

'Traversa by Fran Sandham jumps to the top of the list, especially for Africa enthusiasts'

'I enjoyed reading Traversa immensely and it has really fired me up to go visit all those places in Africa and many more besides!'

'A wonderful mix of historical fact with laugh-out-loud comedy – brilliant. I hope that Fran Sandham has another walk in him!'

'A great read, one of my favorite travel memoirs. Sandham is a thoroughly enjoyable author. He blends just the right amount of humor, wit, and factual history. I like my books to be enjoyable but at the same time I like to learn something too. I can always tell a good memoir, if, at the end of the book, I feel I personally know the author. It also helps if I feel I personally like the author as well'

'Taking you along on this extraordinary journey, Fran conjures up wonderful historical and current images of an amazing, occasionally terrifying country. And it's an adventure liberally peppered with laugh-out-loud moments. I highly recommend it – an excellent read!'

'I loved this. The writing is inventive, warm and funny, the history fascinating and the scale of the enterprise frankly dumbfounding. I'm looking forward to his next book'

'This book reminds you that there are still people around who relish the challenge of doing things themselves and not having it all on a plate...In Fran Sandham's journey across Africa he pits himself against any and everything which might arise with no assistance and with only his own knowlege, character and inventiveness to overcome them. It also reminds you that although you might not like everyone you meet and everywhere you go, they add to the richness of life...'

'This book was engrossing. I'm not really much of a traveller and don't really read many books about travellers, but Fran Sandham's book was such a good read! The reality of the book is amazing - he tells it as it was, blisters and all. You can't help but get the impression he's slightly barmy for taking on such a task with absolutely no support, but you've got to admire his determination, and the (mostly) good humour which he manages to maintain on the way. Highly recommended, especially to those of us who, like me, prefer our travel sanitised and air conditioned'

'I really enjoyed Traversa – it was a great read, and it really has inspired me to look to Africa as a travel option!'

‘I thoroughly enjoyed reading Traversa.  Many topics that I have not thought about since school days were reintroduced into my consciousness … such a funny and engaging account of this huge and dangerous undertaking’

‘A cracking read’

'I have just finished Traversa and was captivated by it ... I have found it difficult to put the book down'

‘Utterly engaging. As someone who normally prefers fiction, I was not expecting to be gripped by this travel story, our book circle choice. However, it turned out to be a real page-turner and at times I had to remind myself that it had all actually happened! A very engaging style made me really interested in [Sandham’s] success … A great read’

'A terrific read. A thoroughly enjoyable trek through Africa, this book is genuinely difficult to put down … I laughed out loud at the descriptions of the people and animals Mr Sandham met and the bizarre circumstances that he found himself in … Bravo – a book to brighten up a dull grey British day’

'Great book, couldn't put it down! Fran's extraordinary story captivated me from beginning to end – entertaining, witty (it had me laughing out loud) and superbly written … highly recommended'

'I really enjoyed this book. It's an amazing story of an incredible journey across Africa. Read the book so you don't need to walk it yourself – New Year's resolutions can be a terrible burden!'

'An excellent book and an amazing journey, Traversa chronicles the author's epic solo walk across Africa, from the Skeleton Coast in Namibia to Tanzania and the Indian Ocean. It also weaves in tales of past African explorations by the likes of Livingstone and Stanley. On his awe-inspiring journey Sandham encounters eccentric locals and deadly wildlife with a level head ... At times laugh-out-loud funny, this is an evocative description of Africa and one man's quest for fulfilment'

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