Fran Sandham is giving talks and lectures across the UK and abroad. To book a
talk please use the ‘CONTACT' link above.

Below: Lecture at Deloitte and Touche, London


 Above left: Lecturing aboard cruise ship MV Discovery, Seychelles
 Above right: Lecturing at Oxford Literary Festival, Oxford University

 Below: Queen's Hall Theatre, Hexham




   Hammersmith October Festival (above and left)
    [photos: Adrian Lewis]

   Below: Author talk at the Times
   Destinations Travel Show at Earls Court,
   London [photo: Richard Simpson]

Testimonials about public talks and lectures:

'An excellent and entertaining speaker - people were very impressed. Fran grabbed the attention of our audience and left us with a unique and lasting impression of his travels across Africa.'

'A fantastic adventure and inspirational story, told with great humour.'

'Fran Sandham has a superb discernment for the detail of what makes people listening to him be interested, amused and thoroughly entertained – an excellent talk and a great evening.'

'What a brilliant talk! Fran is warm and witty and an all round entertaining speaker who captivated the audience with tales of his trek across Africa. Inspirational as well as informative and very, very amusing! A very successful and enjoyable event.'

'Fran’s talk to the Society definitely "hit the spot" with all the members.'

'Fran's talk for us at the Times London Destinations Travel Show at Earls Court was very entertaining and humorous. Fran is an engaging speaker who is full of energy – I highly recommend going to one of his talks.'

'Fran Sandham gave us a brilliant insight into the dangers, sights, and practical problems of completing a walk across Africa. His talk covered a lot, history, wildlife, issues with pack animals and so on, and his storytelling ability kept the audience of Year 11 students enthralled. A very enjoyable session.'
Trevor Allen, Head of Sixth Form, LEICESTER GRAMMAR SCHOOL

'Fran's talk was highly entertaining, extremely informative and kept our group fascinated throughout. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for an experienced and highly professional speaker.'
Rachael Thornton, WESTCLIFF-ON-SEA W.I.

‘A brilliant talk – Fran Sandham was amazing in his delivery of his story of trekking solo across Africa. All parents and students in the room were spellbound by the account of his adventures and I would have no hesitation in recommending Fran to other schools or organisations.'
Annie Hughes, Development Director, GORDON’S SCHOOL, SURREY

‘Fran gave a great, riveting lecture and the audience was spellbound. He is a wonderful communicator and really knows how to tell a story and hold everyone’s attention. There was not a sound in the whole room while he was speaking: we could have listened to him all night, and we will certainly be asking him back in the near future.'
Kerri Fox, Head of Sixth Form, WYCOMBE ABBEY SCHOOL

‘Fran gave us a fresh perspective on the solo trek with a lively, informative and entertaining examination of motivation as well as process in this mammoth undertaking – a highly recommended, enjoyable lecture.’

‘Thank you so much for your inspiring talk last night. It was a massive hit with the kids – they really did love it – lots of feedback flying this morning.’
Owen Moelwyn-Hughes, Head of Politics, KINGS SCHOOL, CANTERBURY

‘Thank you very much for your very interesting, informative and amusing talk at our monthly meeting. It was fascinating to hear about your epic journey across Africa and you don’t need me tell you that you are a natural as a speaker. You could hear a pin drop as you took us through the journey. It is always a feather in my cap, as Speakers’ Secretary, when a speaker holds everyone’s attention and the feedback already has been very good.’
Joy Harding, Speakers’ Secretary, SHENFIELD U3A

‘What a superb talk you gave us, I had so many of our members telling me how much they had enjoyed all you had to say – it meant we ended our year on a mighty high.  A big thank you again for a splendid afternoon and also for a fascinating read.’
Meg Alun-Jones, Programme Secretary, CROSBY U3A

‘You really did enchant us with your story of the walk across Africa and we really would like you to come again some time.’
Shirley McConnell, Speakers Secretary, ROMILEY U3A

‘Super talk - thank you - it obviously went down well and that was a big turn out for us.’
Tessa Gayford, Chair, CAMELOT U3A

‘Everyone enjoyed your talk, filled with interesting stories and humour.’
Karen Mace, Co-Speakers and Events, The WIGS, COLCHESTER

‘Thank you for coming to give us such a well-received talk - I will certainly have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone looking for an engaging and professional speaker.’
Margaret Harkup, Speakers Secretary, MAIDSTONE U3A

'Thank you for your amazing talk today, everybody really enjoyed it and we had a good turn out as well.'

‘Thanks for the lovely talk about your walk - everyone enjoyed it very much.’
Hilary Hough, Speakers' Secretary, WOKINGHAM U3A

‘We greatly enjoyed your talk. The feedback from the members was very appreciative – in fact some said it was the best talk that they had been to. Give yourself a gold star!’
Connie Doody, Speaker Secretary, WALSALL U3A
‘I have had many reports of how much your talk was enjoyed – thank you so much for an interesting and entertaining presentation.’
Margaret Croft, Speakers Secretary, RODING VALLEY U3A

‘Thanks for the lecture – we all very much enjoyed and it would be great to have you along again at Ashville at some point in the future.’
Gary Kurczij, Head of English and Gifted and Talented Enrichment Co-ordinator, ASHVILLE COLLEGE, HARROGATE

'A very big thanks for a truly interesting and entertaining talk. The feedback has been most positive.'
Pat Murfet, Speaker Secretary, KEYWORTH U3A

'Thanks again for an illuminating and humorous talk yesterday. We hope to see you again in the future.'
Jeremy Waters, Chairman, GOUDHURST U3A

'It was a pleasure meeting you last Wednesday, and your talk went down very well with our members.'
Geraldine Sperritt, Speakers Secretary, NORTH WILTSHIRE U3A

'Thank you for your enthralling description of your amazing feat. The feedback has been very good, and I’ll certainly be recommending you to other societies.

'Thank you for another very interesting lecture last Wednesday. You certainly could not have packed-in more information into an hour's talk! I'm sure that most of the audience were (like me) almost totally ignorant of the lead-up to the encounter between Stanley and Livingstone, so you gave us an "educational" lecture in the best sense – both informative and interesting.'

‘Thanks for coming along to visit us; you were well received.’
Nick Hampton, Speaker Organiser, BEARSTED U3A

‘I’ve had good feedback about your talk.’
Celia Toone, Speakers Secretary, DARTFORD U3A

‘Sorry to have missed your talk for our U3A last month - I've had such excellent reports of it! Everyone would like to hear you speak again.’

‘Thankyou for giving us your talk, we all enjoyed it’
Maggie Hewson, Speakers Secretary, CHARD AND ILMINSTER U3A

'Good to meet you, people really liked your talk.'
Alison Mallalieu, Speaker Secretary, DENE VALLEY U3A

'Thank you, and how much we enjoyed your talk.'
Tess Powell, Speakers Secretary, HAMMERSMITH U3A

'Thank you so much for such an inspiring talk this morning. I think you could tell by the applause and the interest at the end asking questions and coming to speak to you on a one to one that it was much appreciated. I even heard a couple of seventy year olds saying that they would love to do something like that.'
Jeni Davies, Speaker Secretary, CHESTER U3A   

'Thanks so much for coming to speak to our U3A - we really enjoyed your talk and I've had good feedback.'

‘Your talk was very well received yesterday.’
Jan Warrender, Speakers Secretary, ABERGAVENNY U3A
‘Thank you for a brilliant talk yesterday.’
Nick White, Speaker Secretary, SEVENOAKS U3A

‘Thank you for the entertaining and very interesting talk you gave – lots of people told me how much they enjoyed it.’

‘We all enjoyed your talk.’
Penny Evans, HENLEY U3A

‘Excellent Talk, many thanks.’
David Silver, Chairman, ARUN EAST U3A

‘Your talk on your walk across Africa was very well received by our members’
John Beynon, RMS SURREY

'I heard many favourable comments on your talk last week and look forward to meeting you again in the future.'
Fred Airey, Speaker Secretary, WARRINGTON U3A

‘We have received lots of very positive comments about last night's talk so thanks very much for agreeing to come over and do it.’

'Many thanks for your thoroughly enjoyable talk on Tuesday. As you will have already gathered, it was very well received by our members, and hopefully we will be able to see you again in the future.'
Margaret Hunt, Speaker Secretary, CLITHEROE U3A

'Fran’s lecture on Livingstone and Stanley was a veritable tour de force, shedding light on the story from so many different perspectives, but with a marvelous lightness of touch. Everyone was gripped from start to finish.

'Many thanks for your excellent and very entertaining talk.'
Elizabeth Formstone, Speaker secretary, TEESDALE U3A

'Your talk was very much appreciated by all who were there. It was mind-boggling what you achieved and also very interesting and amusing, and we enjoyed it very much.
Elizabeth Dobie, Speakers Secretary, YORK U3A

‘Many thanks for the talk – the pupils really enjoyed it and there was a lot of positive feedback.’
Andrew Dobson, Head of English, EXETER SCHOOL

‘Everyone I meet is enthusing about your brilliant talk on Monday. Thank you so much.’
Pauline O’Brien, Speakers Secretary, BOURNE U3A

‘A brilliant, entertaining talk well received by all. Thank you for giving us such a treat.’
Peter Martin, Chairman, BATH U3A

‘We all enjoyed your lively and fascinating talk – one of our members thought it was the best talk we had had!’
Jenny Ford, Speakers Secretary, DORKING U3A

‘Thank you for the interesting talk you gave to our members last week.’
Valerie Davis, Speakers Secretary, WARMINSTER U3A    

‘Your talk was very well received yesterday.’
Jan Warrender, Speakers Secretary, ABERGAVENNY U3A
‘Thank you for a brilliant talk yesterday.’
Nick White, Speaker Secretary, SEVENOAKS U3A

‘Thank you so much for such an interesting and entertaining talk, obviously appreciated by all those who attended.’  Judith Hill, Speakers Secretary, ASH U3A

‘Thanks again for the talk on Friday; the students thoroughly enjoyed it!’
Steve McQuitty, Head of Upper College, CHELTENHAM COLLEGE

‘Thanks for the talk, it was great – I will certainly be contacting you again.’
Brenda Galley, Speakers Secretary, WALTHAM FOREST U3A

‘Fran’s talk went down really well last Thursday and there was a lot of positive feedback.’
Gillian Thomas, Speakers Secretary, GORING-ON-THAMES U3A

'Everyone really enjoyed the talk, I have had some very positive comments!'
Linda Davitt, Speaker Secretary, NORTHAMPTON U3A

'Thank you for coming on Monday – I taught the L6 immediately afterwards, and I had to ditch my planned lesson because they were talking about it so much!
Dr Ross Barrand, Head of 6th Form, KINGSTON GRAMMAR SCHOOL

‘Thank you for the wonderful talk we heard yesterday. The whole hour was very informative and the audience were genuinely interested in your travels across Africa. Many people commented afterwards about how they had enjoyed it.'
Sue Stanley, Speakers Secretary, HUCKNALL U3A

‘Fran’s talk was very well received and quite a few members spoke to me afterwards about how much they enjoyed the morning.’
Norman Ross, Speakers Secretary, WELLS U3A

‘Fran’s talk was much appreciated by a good turn out.’
Graham Edmonds, Speakers Secretary, TOWCESTER U3A

‘Thanks so much for the talk today, it was really interesting and very different than I think most of us imagined. I have already had several messages to say how much people enjoyed it’.
Maggie Evans, Speakers Secretary, ASTON CLINTON U3A

‘Thank you once again for a very interesting talk.’
 Lisa Lancett, Head of Fifth Form, BROMSGROVE SCHOOL

'Fran’s presentation was very well received by our staff and students. It is always rewarding for students to hear about different experiences and to be challenged in their way of thinking.  Fran’s talk certainly did that, and has generated much discussion around the sixth form.'
Sarah Steadman, Co-Director, BRAINTREE SIXTH FORM

'An excellent talk – hearing about your journey and experiences across Africa was fascinating, your audience was captivated. It was a pleasure to meet you.'
Estelle McAllster, Speakers Secretary, BASILDON AND BILLERICAY U3A

‘One sentence could not do Fran’s style, content and presentation justice – it was brilliant.’
Stephen Andrews, Speaker Secretary, DORRIDGE U3A

'Fran is a gripping speaker and I was quickly drawn into his story. To have adolescents sitting absolutely rapt is a gift that many speakers cannot claim; Fran can: the lads were fascinated by his account of African travel at the sharp end. His talk was vivid and packed with sensory detail to bring it all home to the listener. It was the kind of talk that one comes back to time and again in the days afterwards.'
Andrew Grimshaw, English Dept, BEDFORD SCHOOL

'Southport Probus Club was delighted by the illustrated talk ‘Traversa’ in which Fran Sandham vividly described his epic solo walk across Africa.'

'We thoroughly enjoyed hearing about Fran’s solo trek across Africa – an incredible thing to do by any yardstick. All the students and staff who attended his lecture thoroughly enjoyed it, and there has been a buzz of conversation since.'
Michael Day, Head of Geography, THE HABERDASHERS’ ASKE’S BOYS’ SCHOOL

'Fran's highly entertaining talk about his solo trip across Africa was so much enjoyed by the 150+ audience at Medway U3A. We would definitely book him again for one of the other talks he offers.’
Julia Hawkins, Speaker Organiser, MEDWAY U3A

‘Thanks for another wonderful talk. It was so interesting and I have been inundated with appreciative comments from members.’
Jean Hart, Speakers Secretary, BROXBOURNE U3A

‘A very interesting talk to our group – many people came up to me and thanked me for the choice of speaker.’
Peter B Neale Speakers Organiser, DOWNHAM MARKET U3A

‘I loved Fran’s talk and won’t hesitate to suggest him for other events.'

‘Fran’s talk was very appreciated by the students, he very quickly engaged their attention, and informed and entertained them. Good comments from them afterwards.’

‘Many thanks for your wonderful talk.  I have received so many favourable comments about how interesting it was.  It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope we will be able to welcome you back again one day.’
Linda Griffiths, Speakers Secretary, HULLBRIDGE U3A

‘We had so many people come up afterwards saying how much they had enjoyed Fran’s talk and humour! An excellent talk.’
Jan Merchant, Speakers Secretary, NORTON RADSTOCK U3A

‘Thank you once again for entertaining the group with the fascinating account of your journey across Africa. There have been many appreciative comments and enquiries such as, “Does he speak about anything else?”’
Tony Scammels, Speakers Secretary, WEST WILTS U3A

'Fran's lecture was so inspiring that the Sixth Form students were captivated from start to finish – this was a wise investment of 60 minutes for the students.' 

‘An excellent and very interesting talk – I am sure Fran was left in no doubt of how well he was received by the interest and response from our members.’
John Baldwin, Speakers Secretary, BOXMOOR PROBUS

'The girls really enjoyed Fran’s talk.’
Ellie Perkins, Head of Careers, CITY OF LONDON SCHOOL FOR GIRLS

‘Fran’s talk really added to our academic enrichment programme, with pupils engaged with an interesting and informative speaker. We will certainly be using him again in the future, and I would recommend that other schools do too.’
Christopher Graham, Head of Middle School, ROYAL HOSPITAL SCHOOL, IPSWICH

‘Fran’s talk at Haslemere U3A was a great success – he probably guessed that by the applause, and he deserves to do very well.’
Pam Pullen, Speaker Secretary, HASLEMERE U3A

'One of the best speakers we've had at the St Helens U3A. Our members were enthralled. So good we are inviting him back next year!'
Pauline Hobson, Speakers Secretary, ST HELENS U3A

‘Thank you so much for giving us such an interesting talk this morning. The audience response and the feedback showed how much people enjoyed it. Your anecdotes and pictures gave an insight into what must have been an incredible journey – what a storyteller!’
Jeni Davies, Speaker Secretary, AYLESBURY VALE U3A

‘A big thank you for the talk - the feedback was very positive, and I believe it wasn't just the presentation but also your personality and humour that impressed.’
Dave Stevens, Meetings Organiser, CARLISLE U3A

‘We much enjoyed Fran’s talk, and it was quite a contrast to talks which we have enjoyed before.’

‘A most entertaining and informative talk, very well received.’
George Gatcum, Speakers Secretary, HIGH WYCOMBE U3A

‘Thank you for your talk yesterday, what an amazing journey, our members enjoyed it very much. I didn’t notice anybody going to sleep so  you must be good.’
Yvonne Smith, Speaker Secretary, SPELTHORNE U3A

‘A very interesting talk – Fran Sandham was a very good speaker.’
June Byrne, Speaker Secretary, DUNSTABLE U3A

‘Fran’s talk really was fascinating. All of us felt inspired to believe that each of us is capable of doing anything if we put our minds to it – a really useful lesson for all of us in school, be we students or teachers.’
Kate Cheetham, Assistant Head 6th Form, ALDERLEY EDGE SCHOOL FOR GIRLS

‘Fran’s talk went down very well with our members – a most interesting and unique topic.’
Doug Mayne, Speakers Secretary, CRAWLEY U3A

‘We were delighted with the lively and engaging talk that Fran gave to Year 10 and 11. The boys were fascinated by his adventures in Africa, and we will definitely keep him in mind for future Enrichment events.’
Laura Bishop, English Department, UNIVERSITY COLLEGE SCHOOL

‘Fran gave a very entertaining account of his journey across Africa.’ 
Jean Hatch, FORMBY U3A

'I have had very positive feedback from various sources about your presentation today – thank you so much for coming and entertaining / educating the membership so well.'
Gill Baynes, Speaker Secretary, LANCASTER AND MORECAMBE U3A

‘The staff and students really enjoyed your talk. Lots of praise. Thank you!’
Sally Bradley, Classics/English, KING HENRY VIII SCHOOL, COVENTRY

‘Thank you very much for your interesting talk yesterday.’
Rosemary Williams, Speaker Secretary, WESTON TURVILLE U3A

‘Thank you for an excellent talk today.'
Jenny McGregor, Speakers secretary, BISHOPS STORTFORD U3A

‘We enjoyed your talk and it went down very well with the audience.’
Paul Blackford, Speakers Secretary, NORTH NORFOLK U3A

‘Your talk went down very well and lots of people said how much they enjoyed it.’
Jean Birks, Speaker Secretary, BEDFORD U3A

‘Thank you for the excellent talk which was very well received by our U3A members.’
Joe Abbott, Speaker Secretary, BURNHAM-ON-CROUCH U3A

‘Comments on your talk have been very positive, with everyone I have spoken to saying how much they enjoyed it, i.e. the story and the pictures of the journey, and your enthusiasm and humour in the telling of it.’
Peter Ireland, Speakers Secretary, CHEW VALLEY U3A

‘Your talk was well received and members found the story of your walk across Africa very interesting.
Nicole Tertsakian, Speakers Secretary, WEALD U3A

'Thank you for the lecture night, it was a very interesting topic and based on the reactions was a very successful event.'

‘The boys were fascinated by what Fran had to say.’
Andrew Wilkinson, Senior Tutor, HAMPTON SCHOOL

‘The whole talk was very well received by the entire audience, who were genuinely impressed by the very idea of such an adventure. I can fully recommend Fran Sandham's talk to any group or audience.’

‘Fran gave us a very interesting talk about his great adventure walking across Africa, with humour and excitement all the way through it.  It prompted many questions, which he was very happy to answer.’
John Beaty, Vice Chairman, WORKSOP U3A

‘Fran Sandham’s talk was a fascinating Boy's Own story, professionally told with wry humour.’
Peter Brooks, Speaker Secretary, EASINGWOLD U3A

‘Many thanks for the brilliant talk. We all enjoyed it greatly and would recommend you to any group seeking a fascinating and amusing talk.’
Carolyn Williams, Programme Secretary, FARINGDON U3A

'Fran's absorbing account about his walk across Africa gripped the imagination of our sixth formers who thoroughly enjoyed the humour and general madness of the whole adventure.'
Helen Wiltshire, Assistant Headteacher, KING EDWARD VI GRAMMAR SCHOOL, CHELMSFORD

'People said how much they enjoyed Fran's talk - we'd like to book him again for next year!' Sue Lamberton, Speakers Secretary, MALVERN U3A

‘Simply to say how much all our members enjoyed your talk – “Found it fascinating!” was one comment! – so thank you so much.’

'Fran is a great communicator and managed to explain his own, very personal view of travel and also give a real feel of the people he met. I’d certainly recommend his talks to other U3As.’
Katharine Pottinger, Speakers Secretary, SOUTH LAKES U3A

‘A huge thank you on behalf of all our Members for such a superb talk.’
Jean Dadge, Speakers Secretary, MARKET HARBOROUGH U3A

‘A very interesting talk – we always appreciate it when a speaker delivers a lecture with such enthusiasm and it is especially appreciated when a speaker has a real "in depth" knowledge of a particular subject.’
Celia Rust, Programme Secretary, GUILDFORD TRAVEL CLUB

‘Fran Sandham is an exceptional, entertaining and enthusiastic speaker who provided a fascinating commentary to his 3000 mile solo trek across Africa. An hour was just not long enough.’
Pat Broadhurst, OSWESTRY U3A

‘I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Fran speak – he was inspiring, informative, entertaining and energetic.’

‘We found Fran's talk amusing and inspiring and are full of admiration for his grit and determination.’

‘I speak on behalf of all our members in saying how much we enjoyed travelling across Africa with Fran.’
Maureen Huntley, Speakers Secretary, RAYLEIGH U3A

'We found Fran’s talk very interesting and amusing.’
Sally Roberts, RUGBY U3A

‘Fran’s talk was interesting, entertaining and very well received.’
Juliet Hale, Speaker Secretary, CHORLEYWOOD U3A

'A very interesting talk on Dr Livingstone’.
Sheila Wilder, Speakers Secretary, WELWYN-HATFIELD U3A

‘Many thanks for a really interesting talk – it was very well received and we have had lots of positive feedback.’
Sue Allum, Speaker Secretary, CHESHUNT U3A.

‘An excellent presentation – feedback has all been very positive.’
Jan Bearman-Brown, Speaker Secretary, PETERBOROUGH U3A

‘Fran’s talk was well received by the members of the U3A - everyone enjoyed it very much and I am sure we would enjoy his other talks.’
Pam Caines, CALDICOT U3A

‘Fran’s talk was very well received by our members, I heard some very favourable comments, such as ‘not your usual travel log’, ‘a very eloquent speaker’ and ‘I would like to have heard more.’
Jackie Pitcher, Speaker Secretary, SOUTHWELL U3A

‘Fran’s talk was a great success – many members said how much they enjoyed it, and it was one of the best turnouts we have had in our three years’ existence, due in no small measure to the topic.’
Michael Cohn, Speaker Secretary, CHESS VALLEY U3A

‘The girls enjoyed Fran’s talk and found it funny as well.’
Helen Forbes, Head of Sixth Form, FRANCIS HOLLAND SCHOOL, NW1

‘Fran Sandham’s talk was interesting and insightful - about Africa and endurance – and it opened the students' eyes to different cultures.’
Coco Stevenson, Head of Sixth Form/Classics, SOUTH HAMPSTEAD HIGH SCHOOL

‘A huge thank you on behalf of all our Members for such a superb talk.’
Jean Dadge, Speakers Secretary, MARKET HARBOROUGH U3A

'Fran Sandham has a unique story of courage and foolhardiness to tell and his presentation was a fascinating account of his experiences'.
Roger Watkins, Speakers Secretary, HOWDEN U3A

'We thoroughly enjoyed Fran's talk - it was very informative and quite fascinating, and hats off to him for such an achievement!'
Teresa Pigney, Speaker Secretary, LEA VALLEY U3A

'A most informative and entertaining talk on Fran's solo walk across Africa – we had a record attendance and it was a very successful meeting.’
Valerie Conniff, Speakers Secretary, MONMOUTH U3A

‘A big thank you once again for the talk you gave to South Bucks U3A group about your epic walk across Africa. The talk was fascinating and amusing and certainly enjoyed by all our members!’
Chris le Blond, Speakers Secretary, SOUTH BUCKS U3A

'Fran is a great communicator and managed to explain his own, very personal view of travel and also give a real feel of the people he met. I’d certainly recommend his talks to other U3As.’
Katharine Pottinger, Speakers Secretary, SOUTH LAKES U3A

'Merton U3A clearly enjoyed Fran's talk about his remarkable journey across Africa. One member commented that they felt as though they had actually been on the amazing trip by the time Fran finished his lively talk.'
Laurie Prescott, Speaker Secretary, MERTON U3A

‘An extremely entertaining talk – I can’t remember at previous talks having so many of our members asking questions after the meeting which showed their interest.’
Jenny Coad, Speakers Secretary, HUNTINGDON U3A

‘Thank you for a thoroughly entertaining evening – it was greatly enjoyed by all who attended. Comments included: “A great speaker, very entertaining, informative and amusing at the same time”; “a great way to experience a truly amazing journey in comfort with a howling gale outside”.’

‘An excellent talk, one which was much enjoyed by the students and by me.’
Tim Borton, Head of Sixth Form, BISHOP'S STORTFORD COLLEGE

‘Thank you for your recent talk at the University which everyone enjoyed so much.’

‘Fran Sandham is an exceptional, entertaining and enthusiastic speaker, and we listened enthralled to his entertaining commentary about his 3000-mile trek across Africa.’
Pat Broadhurst, OSWESTRY U3A

'Such an interesting and well presented account of Fran's truly epic and at times difficult journey across Africa.'
Ella Glasper, Speaker Secretary, CHARNWOOD U3A

'All our U3A members thoroughly enjoyed Fran’s talk, especially as it was not just a travel log loved the details of the problems on the way! In fact people kept coming up to me at other meetings saying they had very much enjoyed the talk.'
Margaret Gavin, Speaker Secretary, GOSPORT U3A

'Many thanks for giving us such an interesting talk – our members were very impressed at your fortitude and good humour in undertaking this incredible journey.’
Joan Armstrong, Speakers Secretary, BROMLEY U3A

‘Enjoyed by all our U3A members, this was an interesting, well presented and amusing talk about an amazing journey.’  Janet Lewis, Speaker Secretary, WREXHAM U3A

‘An excellent talk – I have heard from a number of members advising how much they enjoyed it.’  Howard Jones, Speaker Secretary, STAMFORD U3A

‘We found Fran’s talk very interesting and admired his tenacity in completing the challenge.’
Judith Wright, BURTON JOYCE U3A

'A delightful talk, so well received by Broxbourne U3A members; informative and interesting; an epic tale of stamina, determination and self belief told with enthusiasm and humour.’
Jean Hart, Speakers Secretary, BROXBOURNE U3A

‘The audience really enjoyed Fran’s descriptions of past explorers who had travelled Africa and was very entertained with Fran’s escapades with donkeys and mules. The hour passed very quickly!

‘Such a wonderful account of Fran’s trek across Africa - informative, entertaining and very well received by our members.’
Sandy Pizzey, Speakers Secretary, WELWYN HATFIELD U3A

'A really energising talk which had us all enthralled.'
Sandie Fillingham, SUTTON HIGH SCHOOL

'Fran’s talk was fascinating and well received. We had lots of positive feedback from the public, eg "an excellent talk, very enjoyable".’
Carol Maplesden, Specialist Librarian, CHESHIRE WEST AND CHESTER LIBRARIES

'Fran's talk was entertaining, fast-paced and held the attention of the students throughout. It subtly encouraged the 6th formers to follow their dreams.'
Joanna Winstanley, Continuing Education Programme Co-ordinator, WOLDINGHAM SCHOOL

‘We were treated to a very interesting and extremely witty talk - we all hugely enjoyed it and the evening went by far too quickly.'
Kate Mastin-Lee, GSA &Lecture Programme Coordinator, ST MARY’S SCHOOL, CALNE

‘A very sincere thank you for coming to speak to the Ryedale U3A - it really was great to hear of your adventures.’
Betty Pope, Speakers Secretary, RYEDALE U3A

'We thought your talk was excellent – informative, entertaining and quite inspiring, and pitched perfectly at the U6 cohort.'
James Wilson, Enrichment Programme, STOCKPORT GRAMMAR SCHOOL

'Thank you so much for your contribution to our festival! Everyone was impressed and astonished that you took the whole thing so calmly!'   Carole Nelson, SEDBERGH FESTIVAL OF BOOKS & DRAMA

‘A most enjoyable and interesting talk – I am sure we would all appreciate another visit.’
Sue Fewster, Speaker Secretary, FURNESS U3A

‘Many thanks for coming to speak to our students last week.  It fitted in well with what we were trying to achieve and caught the imagination of many (staff included!)’
Liz Evans, Assistant Headteacher, HAYDON BRIDGE HIGH SCHOOL

‘Such a wonderful talk - Fran enthralled his audience with his entertaining and frank delivery.'
Angus Pearson, Head of Sixth Form, ST CATHERINE'S SCHOOL, TWICKENHAM

'Fascinating ...the audience were really engaged in the talk. A lovely way to escape a grey October afternoon!'

'Fran gave us a really good talk and it's always a good sign when there are so many questions. He did a great job and kept us entertained for the whole 45 minutes - we'd have been quite happy to let him carry on with his tale for another hour!'

'A wonderfully entertaining and inspiring talk - such a good start to the term!'
Emma McKendrick, Headmistress, DOWNE HOUSE SCHOOL, BERKSHIRE

'Our members were very impressed with Fran's talk - we had our best ever attendance with over 220 members, which for January in the middle of winter was excellent!'
Trish Miller, Speaker Secretary, ST ALBANS U3A

‘Fran’s talk at the Academy was really fantastic - the best author event we have ever had. It was great for our students to hear him speak with such passion about being determined to do something and following it through.’
Sue Connell, Learning Resources Manager, CITY ACADEMY, HACKNEY

‘We had great feedback for Fran’s talk, including: "Fran Sandham is superb!" "Tremendously enjoyable"; “An excellent talk – light-hearted and full of facts”; "Very interesting talk and very amusing"; "Thoroughly enjoyable and well researched"; "A very interesting and informative speaker"; "A very clear, well-illustrated presentation”; "An excellent speaker".’
Ruth Walton, Librarian, WHITLEY BAY LIBRARY

'Fran's talk combined all the elements one could wish for. Informative, entertaining and amusing in turn it was extremely well received by our appreciative members.'
Graeme Bell, Speaker Secretary, BURY ST EDMUNDS U3A

‘The boys really enjoyed Fran’s  talk and were talking excitedly about it at their next lesson.’
George Phillipson, Head of English, CITY OF LONDON SCHOOL

‘An excellent illustrated talk about Fran Sandham’s epic walk across Africa - a very enjoyable and interesting presentation.’
Michael Ross,Speaker Secretary, DACORUM U3A

‘A very successful lecture.’

‘We thought the talk was excellent! It was well structured with interesting personal anecdotes, visuals and humour.’

‘All those listened to Fran over the course of the day were enthused by his energy and passion for his subject. Austin Friars St Monica’s School was delighted to have Fran visit the school and deliver such an inspiring talk.’
Joanna Agnew, Head of English, AUSTIN FRIARS ST MONICA'S SCHOOL

‘It was a pleasure to meet Fran and to hear his engaging talk about his travels across Africa.'
Carolyn Nurse, Chairman, HAYWARDS HEATH U3A

'A hugely enjoyable talk about an extraordinary adventure which was both fun and enlightening. Highly recommended.'
Alexandra Dukes, Community Librarian, CAERPHILLY LIBRARIES

'Thank you again for the lecture last Friday - it was great to listen to your talk.'
Jo Woolley, Head of Geography, DULWICH COLLEGE

‘Thank you for an engaging, humorous and cautionary talk on your travels across Africa - we were delighted that you were able to bring it to us in such clear and vivid manner.’
Steve Maxwell, TAL FESTIVAL

‘Fran wove together an epic yarn with humour, humanity and truth - when he talked about his adventures, you couldn’t help but feel inspired to take a step out of the bindings of everyday life yourself …’
Gerard Lewis, Senior Library Manager, LONDON BOROUGH OF GREENWICH

'I really enjoyed Fran's talk and the audience did too. A great event.'

‘Fran gave a terrific presentation to our Sixth Form about his highly personal journey. It was both entertaining and educative and was extremely well received by students and staff alike.’
Kenneth Glover, Vice-Principal, WYMONDHAM COLLEGE

‘An excellent talk, pitched perfectly in duration and content to our audience of engineers and partners.’

'Fran's talk was a great success.'

'The audience were delighted by Fran's informative, funny and fascinating talk at Portsmouth Central Library. The talk was enhanced by some stunning photographs of his journey across Africa.'
Clare Forsyth, Reader Development Librarian, PORTSMOUTH CITY COUNCIL

'Fran is a pleasure to work with - his witty and engaging talk generated more enthusiastic audience questions at the end than I've seen for a long, long time. There was 100% positive feedback from our readers.'
Mike Allport, Reader Development Manager, SOUTHWARK LIBRARIES

‘What an amazing journey, genuinely inspiring! Fran presents it all in an engaging and thoroughly amusing manner, Totally recommended.’
Simon Graham, manager, INTREPID TRAVEL (LONDON)

'Fran Sandham's talk about his solo travels across Africa enthralled an audience of secondary school students: highly entertaining, informative and often very witty, this was the sort of talk which inspires pupils. I'd be very happy to recommend him to other schools.'

‘We were delighted to have such an accomplished travel writer visit us. The feedback from attendees was very positive, and everyone very much enjoyed their time with Fran.’
Gordon Lundie, Executive Member for Culture, WEST BERKSHIRE COUNCIL

‘Fran Sandham’s talk was extremely interesting and went down very well with the pupils.’
Allan McKeown, Head of Sixth Form, ARNOLD SCHOOL, BLACKPOOL

'Fran Sandham's talk inspired and entertained us at our annual staff development day. His presentation was witty and engaging, with a purposeful context of setting and achieving objectives. His account of his adventures warmed us up nicely for some of the drier business of the day, and also resulted in resolutions to go on walking holidays from at least two of my colleagues!'
Niall McGowan, Regeneration Manager, LONDON BOROUGH OF TOWER HAMLETS

'Such an interesting and witty talk, the feedback forms confirm what was obvious at the time, everyone had an excellent evening - we've had many very positive and glowing comments back. I was impressed with Fran's delivery - he engaged and entertained all the audience; his talk was amusing, informative and entertaining on a number of levels, and I can safely say a great success! And the cakes were good ...'

'Fran's talk was informative, amusing and everyone really enjoyed it. We received lots of positive feedback from the audience, including: "Brilliant. A very entertaining speaker"; "Thought-provoking, interesting and entertaining"; "Very well presented"; "Fascinating and very entertaining"; and "Quite excellent".'
Madeleine Bentley, Senior Development Librarian, READING CENTRAL LIBRARY

‘Fran’s talk was entertaining, unusual and enjoyable, and clearly struck a cord with our audience. This helped us hit our target of attracting more men to our talks, (almost a third of the audience) and of attracting younger people to our events. The feedback from the audience at the end of the talk was very positive and people enjoyed the talk and Fran’s personality as a speaker. Comments included: “witty anecdotes”; “I enjoyed the storytelling”; “jovial personality of speaker”. Almost all the people who filled out evaluation forms said that they felt that they had learnt something new on the evening.’

‘The pupils enjoyed Fran’s traveller’s tales, which were laced with amusing stories and wry asides, bringing the whole African experience alive on a cold and wet February evening in Dorset!’
Hugo Mieville, Head of Sixth Form, MILTON ABBEY SCHOOL, DORSET

'Thank you for your excellent lecture - we very much enjoyed your very interesting and informative talk.'
Derek Oldham, Lecture Secretary, NORWICH U3A

'Fran's talk was extremely entertaining, amusing and informative.'
Deborah Wallis, Cultural services, CORNWALL COUNCIL

'Fran Sandham gave a fascinating account of his trek across Africa and the event went down extremely well with the audience. A highly successful and enjoyable event.'
Barry Tsirtou, Learning Support Librarian, MARYLEBONE LIBRARY

'Fran's two talks were really entertaining - thoroughly enjoyable and very interesting.'
S.W. Lythgoe, Reader-in-Residence, WIGAN LEISURE AND CULTURE TRUST

'I have received a good number of very favourable comments from students and staff alike about Fran's talk – it was a really enlivening and convivial evening.'

'Fran impressed with his enthusiasm for talking about his travels – his talks were extremely well received and he has already received a number of invitations for return visits.''
Jane Mathieson, TIME TO READ

'Thank you for a very personal talk.'

'Everyone thoroughly enjoyed Fran's talk, and are still talking about it in Capel St Mary. I was so engrossed in Fran's talk, and I was very impressed with his ability to speak with only a few headings written down on paper. A very enjoyable evening.'
Elisabeth Harrrison, Service Development Librarian, SUFFOLK COUNTY COUNCIL

'Fran Sandham enthralled the audience.'
Linda Davies, Reader Development Manager, EALING LIBRARIES

‘Such an interesting and informative talk.’

'This talk left our audience wanting more of what was an amazing journey. We shall, I hope, see Fran again.'
Tim Layfield, Speaker Arranger, CHILTERN U3A

'Fran's talk was much appreciated – I had some very good feedback. How refreshing to walk in his footsteps across Africa, enjoying his enthusiastic delivery, laced always with humour.'
Sylvia Latham, Speaker Secretary, CRICKHOWELL U3A

'We much enjoyed Fran's talk about his walk across Africa.'
Peter Hunt, Speakers Secretary, SOUTH SOLIHULL U3A

'Fran Sandham’s talk was fascinating. This was not a standard travelogue account of his walk across Africa but rather an account of his inner journey throughout the walk. As a result he inspired at least one member of the audience to consider making his own grand adventure.’

'Fran’s talk about his epic walk across Africa was well received by an appreciative audience. He was witty, engaging, and inspiring – he gave us a real feel of what he experienced, and was refreshingly modest about his achievement.'
Andrew Walker, Development Librarian, ISLE OF WIGHT COUNCIL

'A fascinating account of Fran's solo walk across Africa. Fran engaged well with his audience who asked many questions and were eager to hear more about his adventures. A highly successful event.'
Sarah Coyne, Reader Development Officer, SALFORD LIBRARIES

'An excellent talk – a fascinating insight into what must have been an epic journey.'
Rowena Gomersall, Library Manager, CHESHIRE LIBRARIES

‘Fran was excellent. Very interesting subject and he is obviously enthusiastic about it. He also answered lots of questions at the end and gave well thought out answers. Funny and modest. He spoke for an hour and a half and we thought it was just an hour. The audience enjoyed it very much.’
Sue Stone, Reading Co-ordinator, KNOWSLEY LIBRARIES

'Fran's lively and amusing account of his journey across Africa brightened up the gloom of an English winter evening.'

'Fran Sandham's talk on his solo walk across Africa was full of amusing anecdotes and fascinating insights into this extreme undertaking. The audience was enraptured by Fran's experiences and the feedback we have received has been that they all found his talk fascinating.'
Mark Williams, Promotions Manager, CAMBRIDGESHIRE LIBRARIES

'An entertaining evening, good for attracting a range of customers new to the library – thoroughly recommended! Comments (all rated it as good or excellent) included: “Fran – really funny bloke” and “The evening was brilliant”.'
Victoria Law, Reading and Learning Manager, WINDSOR AND MAIDENHEAD LIBRARIES

‘Fran was very easy to work with and eager to promote the event himself in addition to our own publicity. Some of the comments we had: "Interesting and humorous"; "Informative"; "Lovely evening. Really enjoyed hearing all about Fran's adventures".’

'Fran's talk last night was great and very much enjoyed by the audience – I could tell by all the questions that the audience were obviously inspired to learn more about his epic walk.'
Val Larkin, Librarian, BOSTALL LIBRARY

'Fran took us on a fearless, lively and entertaining walk across a continent, sharing images of the landscape and  of the people he met,  reminding us that perhaps we could all spend more time enjoying the journey, and less time worrying about the destination.'
Felicity Beaumont, Reader Services Librarian, LEOMINSTER LIBRARY

'I was torn between watching the audience response and looking at Fran as he spoke - people were clearly enjoying the talk and there were lots of questions at the end. Feedback from the audience included: “Very entertaining and humorous and descriptive adventures of his trek across Africa”; “A very enjoyable evening - amusing and informative”; “Much appreciated, a very lively talk which held my interest”; “Really enjoyable”.’
Debby Wale, Reader Development Librarian, OCTOBER FESTIVAL, HAMMERSMITH

‘Such an entertaining talk … we were really pleased to get such a good audience and they clearly all enjoyed themselves. Audience comments included: "Refreshing, motivating and inspiring!"; “Extremely enjoyable - a wonderful, humorous speaker";  "A charming and charismatic speaker”; “Well presented - a natural speaker”;  "Very interesting and amusing";   "Thoroughly enjoyed it - very entertaining"; “Excellent!  Fran is a very entertaining speaker with a lovely personality!" “Well presented and interesting and Mr Sandham has an engaging personality”; "Fascinating speaker, totally entertaining and very factual and true of Africa!”  "Thought-provoking".'

'Fran Sandham fuelled the imaginations of wannabe travellers during his talk.'

'The audience enjoyed an engaging account of blisters, raging heat and extreme cold, and heard about the African continent’s most cussed donkey. Written comments left on the night included: “An excellent talk, giving a flavour of a truly epic odyssey. More please!”; "Fascinating"; “A really enjoyable talk, inspiring as well as interesting. Perfect!” Fran is very personable and a pleasure to work with. I would happily engage him again as a speaker in the future.'
Alan Morrison, Events Organiser, LEWISHAM LIBRARY SERVICE

'Fran Sandham is an amusing and energetic man. He's full of energy; as he stands and talks he's half-bouncing on his toes, as if any minute he might suddenly conceive of another continent to cross, and rush off to begin. I wonder how he sat still for long enough to write ...'
Jill Glenn, OPTIMA

'The two sessions Fran did for us were great - really interesting, and enjoyed by all.'
Vandra Hemmings, Reader Development & Promotions Manager, KENT LIBRARIES

‘Fran Sandham was an engaging speaker and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.’

'Thank you so much for your talk – it was quite an epic journey that you undertook!'

'I had several positive feedbacks about you, and I will be very happy to recommend you.'
Jamie Gaskin, Speaker Secretary, SOUTHPORT U3A

'A great talk!'
Liz Sheppard, Library Manager, WOOTTON LIBRARY

‘Fran Sandham’s talk was really interesting and humorous.’
Marinella Sinagoga, Culture and Learning, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE LIBRARY SERVICE

‘Everyone who was there thoroughly enjoyed hearing about Fran’s experiences.’
Gaynor Baveystock, Principal Librarian, SLOUGH CENTRAL LIBRARY

‘A thoroughly enjoyable, well thought out talk which entertained an audience aged from 16–76, who asked many questions and left talking about what a good experience they'd had.’
Sheila Houldin, Reader Development Officer, CHESHIRE LIBRARIES

'Fran's talk was very entertaining, and the relaxed atmosphere made it easy for the audience to ask lots of questions afterwards. Everyone who attended really enjoyed it'.

‘Excellent ... one of the best – if not the best – events we’ve held.'
Lynda Finney, Librarian, STANDISH LIBRARY, WIGAN

‘A fascinating talk – a real insight into this most extraordinary feat.’

‘Had really good feedback on Fran’s talk!’
Ann Buckley, Speakers Secretary, HUYTON U3A

‘An informative and interesting talk.’

‘The pupils and parents have told me how much they enjoyed your talk last night.’
David Boatman, Head of Sixth Form, FRAMLINGHAM COLLEGE

‘A very big thanks for a truly interesting and entertaining talk. The feedback has been most positive and I shall certainly pass your name on to other societies.’
Pat Murfet, Speaker Secretary, KEYWORTH U3A

‘Many thanks for a very interesting and amusing talk about your walk across Africa. The Probus Club's members greatly enjoyed listening to you.’
Les Blake, Speaker Secretary, HAVERING PROBUS CLUB

‘Many thanks for your informative, inspiring and humorous talk yesterday. Judging from the comments people made to me afterwards, I feel sure that many members would be keen to hear you speak again.’
Paul Griffin, Speaker Secretary, GOUDHURST U3A

‘Your talk on Stanley and Livingstone was just amazing and much appreciated – thank you so much.’
Tess Powell, Speaker Secretary, HAMMERSMITH & FULHAM U3A

‘I heard some excellent feedback on your talk from the members.’
Mu Gurbutt, Speakers Secretary, BECCLES U3A

‘Thank you so much for providing such an interesting and entertaining evening.’
David Chappell, Speaker Secretary, BATH AND BRISTOL CSMA

‘Many, many thanks for giving us such an interesting, enjoyable talk.’
Bernice Adcock, Speaker Secretary, SPALDING U3A

‘Thank you so much for such an interesting talk, I had many comments from the members who said they had found it interesting and inspiring.’
Gretel Allen, Speaker Secretary, CHINNOR U3A

‘Your talk on your walk across Africa was very well received by our members.’

‘I heard very good reports of your talk.’
Gill Stanley, Speakers Secretary, ALCESTER U3A

'Thank you very much for your excellent talk. We enjoyed it very much and I have many letters of thanks both from our own members and members of other U3As.'
Doug Jones, Speaker Secretary, PORTHCAWL U3A

‘A fascinating, humorous and heartwarming account of an incredible adventure across Africa.’
Susie Barnes, Speaker Secretary, BUSHEY U3A

‘Many thanks for your visit and talk yesterday. We all had an excellent afternoon.’
Brenda Stevenson, Speakers Secretary, STOURBRIDGE U3A

‘What an amazing story and inspirational talk.’
Isobel Salt, Speakers Secretary, Ashby U3A

‘Thank you so much for coming to speak to us yesterday –  I have received good reports already!'
Esther Richard, Speakers Secretary, RADLETT U3A

‘I have had lots of feedback regarding your talk on Stanley and Livingstone, and all of it good. Result!!’
Lesley Cartwright, Speakers Secretary, St NEOTS U3A

‘Thank you for your most interesting talk, given with great panache.’
Esther Jones, Speaker Secretary, PETERSFIELD U3A

‘My upper sixth were full of praise for you and your latest talk when I taught them on Friday afternoon.’
Andrew Grimshaw, BEDFORD SCHOOL

‘The members certainly enjoyed your talk on Stanley and Livingstone, I got lots of very positive feedback.’
Pauline Hewitson, Speaker Secretary, ELY U3A

‘It was a pleasure to meet you and your talk was excellent. Everybody I have spoken to said how much they enjoyed it. You made it sound like a huge adventure, which of course it was. You also made it all so funny, which is why everyone enjoyed it. I will certainly recommend your talk to others.’
Cynthia Cooper, Speaker Secretary, WOOLMER FOREST U3A

‘It was lovely to meet you and thank you so much for such a great talk.’
Michael Awdry, Head of Sixth Form, BEECHWOOD SACRED HEART SCHOOL

‘Thank you for such a wonderful talk this afternoon what an experience you had! Judging from the comments during refreshments it was certainly very well received.’
Jean Olsson, Speaker Secretary, SHIPSTON ON STOUR U3A

‘Thanks for a great talk, let me know if we can host you again.’
Neil Whiskerd, Head of Lower Sixth Form, MILLFIELD SCHOOL
‘Thank you for your talk on Stanley and Livingstone. Everybody who I spoke to afterwards found it very interesting, and we had a very good attendance.’
Margaret Walton, Speaker Secretary WOKINGHAM U3A

‘We've had really good feedback about how much people enjoyed your talk at Ross U3A.’
Hilary Rowe, Speaker Secretary, ROSS U3A

‘We all very much enjoyed hearing about your extraordinary adventure walking across Africa. Our afternoon walks will never be quite the same again.’
Dave Green, Speaker Secretary, STUBBINGTON U3A

‘Your talks were excellent and very inspiring – I will definitely keep you in mind for the future.’
Janine Bruneau, MFL Teacher & Head of PSHE & Citizenship, ST TERESA’S SCHOOL, EFFINGHAM

‘We all greatly enjoyed your talk at our U3A last Tuesday, and probably could have listened to you for much longer! Thank you very much.’
Susan Wyatt, Acting Secretary, NEW MILLS & DISTRICT U3A

‘Thank you so much for an exhilarating and entertaining talk on Stanley and Livingstone, which was enjoyed by everyone. The feedback has been excellent!’
Linda Evans, Speaker Secretary, WALSALL U3A

‘Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your witty, interesting and thought-provoking talk.’
Jill Wilson, Speaker Secretary, PERSHORE U3A

‘We enjoyed your talk yesterday – makes our walking groups pale into insignificance!’
Neil Hunt, ARNOLD U3A

‘I have had some very positive feedback from the students I have spoken to who particularly liked your donkey story!’
Mrs. J. Ilogu, Head of Careers and Employability, COLSTON’S SCHOOL, BRISTOL

‘Thank you so much for coming along to our U3A and giving us your talk about your walk across Africa, I am sure everyone was amazed at your fortitude and bravery in doing it!!’
Margaret Shinkfield, BEDALE U3A

‘We are very grateful to you for delivering such an entertaining and interesting talk. I was very impressed with your enthusiasm and style of presenting, and have to say that it was one of the most professional talks we have had.’
Pauline Ridgwell, Speaker Secretary, REDBOURN U3A

'Fran's talk was most entertaining.’

‘Your talk was very well received and I'm looking forward to reading the book!’
Brian Hinners, Speakers Secretary, SOAR VALLEY U3A

‘Many thanks for your very interesting talk yesterday. The feedback I got back was extremely positive.’
Pete Aldersley, Speaker Secretary, BNB U3A

‘Your latest talk was a great success with our members.’
Pam Kinson, Speaker Secretary, HAMMERSMITH & FULHAM U3A

‘Thanks for a second brilliant talk.’

‘I heard good things from colleagues about your talk on your huge African undertaking.’
Stephen Rathbone, Academic Director, RADLEY COLLEGE

‘A very big thank you for the really excellent talk you gave. It proved to be extremely popular with the members of the Group and I heard many positive comments.’

‘Your talk yesterday was well received by our members.’
John Smith, Speakers Secretary, WENDOVER U3A

‘Your presentation was very well received, with many favourable comments from people present. It was an entertaining and informative talk and appreciated by all.’
Sue and Dave Wright, COVENTRY U3A

‘A big thank you - your audience was most complimentary and thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. I could tell they were interested because they normally start muttering about their cup of tea at about 14.45, but you got them going beyond 3 o’clock.’
Peter Villalard, Speaker Secretary, ANDOVER U3A

‘Many thanks for the talk yesterday. It went down well. Will pass your contact and recommendation to other groups locally.’
Geoff Gilchrist, Speaker Secretary, NESTON PROBUS CLUB

‘A big thank you for such an interesting talk. Members were quite animated and amazed at your feat of courage and endurance. As always with an excellent presentation there are more questions than time allows.’
Molly Ward, Speaker Secretary, EDENBRIDGE U3A

‘Thanks you for your talk. We all enjoyed it.’
Mary Hamilton, Speakers Secretary, EAST GRINSTEAD U3A

‘As I am sure you realised, your talk on Stanley and Livingstone was massively well received this afternoon! It was informative, fascinating, illuminating and delivered with pace and wit.’
Jill Wilson, Speakers Secretary, PERSHORE U3A

‘Thanks for an entertaining hour. I’ve been attending/organising these talks for three years now and that was the largest audience I’ve seen.’
Malcolm Ellis, Speaker Secretary, FARNHAM U3A

‘I have received very positive comments about your talk. People have told me that it was very entertaining, interesting and really well presented. All in all, it was an excellent morning. Thank you very much.’
Meg Hudson, Speaker Secretary, OLDHAM U3A

‘Thank you for your inspirational talk to the Salisbury U3A. The timing was perfect. Your humour, outlook on life and ability to involve your audience in your adventures was so uplifting!’
Pamela Munson, Speaker Secretary, SALISBURY U3A

‘One of our members described your talk as the best presentation he had ever seen, and there were several others that expressed similar sentiments.’
Ray Knowle, Speakers Secretary, PADDOCK WOOD U3A   

‘I really enjoyed your talk yesterday as did other members I have spoken to.’
Peter Wilcox, Speakers Secretary, WEST KIRBY PROBUS CLUB

‘Thank you again for the wonderful talk you gave our members this morning – you had us all enthralled.’
Sue Tranter, Speakers Secretary, SARUM U3A
‘As you will have gathered we much enjoyed your talk.’
 Martin Farr, President, MILFORD PROBUS CLUB

‘Thank you once again for your talk yesterday, I had a lot of very positive feedback.’ 
Lynn Brinkworth, Speakers Secretary, BALSALL COMMON U3A

‘Thank you for giving a very interesting talk’
Martin Alexander, Speakers Secretary, HITCHIN U3A

‘Thank you for giving us that splendid talk, which everybody much enjoyed.’

‘Lots enjoyed your talk today.’
Theresa Rogers, Speakers Secretary, HEATONS & REDDISH U3A

‘Thank you once again for your talk on Stanley and Livingstone yesterday, I had a lot of very positive feedback.’ 
Lynn Brinkworth, Speakers Secretary, BALSALL COMMON U3A

‘Widney U3A members present left feeling they had experienced the conditions of the explorers’ expeditions. Thank you Fran’

‘We all enjoyed your talk yesterday. I think you probably saw the African people at their best.’
Jean Myhill, Speakers Secretary, MAIDENHEAD U3A

'Your talk was very well received'.
Paul Wakeling, Speakers Secretary, HARPENDEN PROBUS SECUNDUS CLUB

‘Your talk was enjoyed by those present – one lady mentioned that she has a tendency to "nod off" after lunch and you had been so interesting she remained awake!’ 
David Cheetham, Speakers Secretary, SKELMERSDALE U3A

‘Thank you so much for your talk today. It was very well received by our members, lots and lots of positive feedback.’
Pat Kelly, Speaker Secretary, DUNMOW U3A

‘Thanks again Fran for providing such an informative talk.’
Ruth Ainley, Head, READ SCHOOL

‘Thank you very much Fran for another excellent talk. We all enjoyed it very much. We look forward to your next exploration of Africa, whether in person or through research.
Caroline Lewis, Speaker Secretary, ABERGAVENNY U3A

‘Thanks for the great lecture. Our students found your journey very interesting.’
Kevin Dickey, Sixth-form lecture programme, SHIPLAKE COLLEGE

‘Everyone enjoyed your talk on your incredible journey, very entertaining and informative. I will certainly pass your details on to other U3A groups and keep you in mind for future bookings.’
Jean Bradshaw, Speaker Secretary, ALFORD U3A

‘Just to tell you how much we all enjoyed your talk. It was so interesting and I will certainly spread the word.’
Maureen Wilson, Speaker Coordinator, THORLEY U3A

‘Your talk was well received, judging both from the comments heard during tea and by the overall high attendance.’
Bernard Lardner, Speakers Secretary, ELMBRIDGE U3A

‘Thank you for the wonderful “Exploring Africa” presentation that you delivered over the two days. The event was a huge success; your presence made a significant contribution to this. Many of the staff, students and visitors who attended your sessions have been very complimentary and wanted you to know how much they enjoyed your amazing experiences.’
Riffat Wall, Principal, URMSTON GRAMMAR SCHOOL

‘Thank you, Fran, for your entertaining and interesting talk yesterday. It was good to meet you and we will keep you on our list of speakers.’
Vivienne Waterer, Speaker Secretary, BALSALL COMMON U3A

‘THANK YOU SO MUCH for your presentation this morning recounting your many tales of your Big Adventure. You kept us all fascinated, and I will certainly recommend your talk to other local U3As.’
Sheena Lesniowski, Speaker Secretary CHELTENHAM U3A
‘A big thank you for your most entertaining talk. You probably gathered that our larger than normal audience of members was enthralled by your presence there and thoroughly enjoyed listening to you recalling so eloquently your adventures in Africa.’
Sue Langley, Chairman, WYRE FOREST & DISTRICT U3A

‘Thanks for everything. You were great.’
Ann Speed, Speakers Secretary, WANSTEAD AND WOODFORD U3A

‘The meeting was well attended and the talk from Fran Sandham enjoyed by the audience. The amount of research he had done about the meeting of Dr Livingstone and Henry Stanley was incredible and very well presented.’
Tony Gray, Chairman, BOURNE U3A 

‘We very much enjoyed your talk on Monday; thanks for making the journey to see us.’
Janet Barclay, Speakers Secretary, RIPON U3A

‘I have had loads of very positive feedback about your talk.’
John Charlewood, Speaker Secretary, ODIHAM U3A

‘Thank you so much for coming all the way to sunny Bridgend to talk to our U3A – everyone thoroughly enjoyed your talk.’
Mary Poland, Speaker Secretary, BRIDGEND U3A

‘What a splendid talk you gave us at Maldon U3A today – probably the most exciting we have ever had! It was great!’
Judith Johnston, Secretary, MALDON U3A

‘I would like to thank you very much indeed for the excellent talk you gave us this morning. It was really superb; very interesting and entertaining. I certainly heard a lot of very positive feedback from audience members. All in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable morning.’
Alyson Lehninger, Speaker Secretary, SKIDDAW U3A

‘Many thanks for your interesting and entertaining talk yesterday.’
Sue Billing-Sly, Speakers Secretary, LUDLOW U3A

‘Thank you so much for your presentation yesterday. We will certainly keep your information on file and pass it on to other U3As.’
Miranda Nash, Speakers Secretary, AYLSHAM & DISTRICT U3A

‘We all enjoyed your talk – really interesting and with some funny points in there too!’

‘A huge thank you for entertaining us with your insightful talk at this year’s Ladies Autumn Lunch. Your talk was fascinating and enjoyed by everyone on the day so we can’t thank you enough!'
Charlotte Howard, Events Fundraiser, ST ROCCO’S HOSPICE, WARRINGTON

‘Thanks again for your visit and talk.’
Michael Motteram, Head of Sixth Form, SHAFTESBURY SCHOOL

‘Thank you so much for your inspirational talk.’
Mandy Davis, Director, 3FOR

‘Thank you very much for coming to talk to our group today. Your talk was very well received. Much appreciated.’
David Braybrook, Speaker Secretary, ALTON PROBUS CLUB

‘Thanks for your excellent talk to our U3A – it really was outstanding, and the comments that I have received so far bear that out.’
Roland Higgins, Speaker Secretary, TADLEY U3A

‘The feedback from the students was very positive, they really enjoyed it.’
Louise Howard, Sixth Form Administrator, READING BLUE COAT SCHOOL

‘Thanks a lot, Fran, we all enjoyed the talk.’
David Hughes, Speaker Secretary, BURY ST EDMUNDS PROBUS CLUB ONE

‘Thank you very much for yesterday’s excellent talk. All our U3A members thoroughly enjoyed hearing about your amazing walk across Africa.’
Ursula Randall, Speaker Secretary, BROOMFIELD U3A

‘A most enjoyable, entertaining and informative talk – the feedback was overwhelmingly positive from everyone who attended.’
Lynne Button, Speaker Secretary, MILTON KEYNES U3A

‘Thank you for your very interesting talk – from feedback I have had so far our members were certainly fascinated with your experience.’
Helen Beck, Speaker Secretary, PEMBURY U3A

‘Many thanks for such an interesting talk.’
Bob Kynaston, Speaker Secretary, NESTON U3A

‘Thank you for a great talk today, went down very well with members.’
John Owen, Speaker Secretary, ASHINGDON U3A

‘Thank you so much for visiting the school and inspiring our pupils and parents yesterday. It was a pleasure to hear your extraordinary story.’

'An adventurer with a capital A, Fran Sandham told us his fabulous story of how he walked across Africa completely alone with no support other than the company of a very troubled donkey. What a great afternoon we all had thanks to Fran.’

‘Your beautifully illustrated and lively account of your experiences and adventures, while walking across Africa, thoroughly entertained Preston and District U3A members on the occasion of our 5th Birthday.’
Derek Pluck, Additional Events Organiser, PRESTON U3A

‘Thank you again for the wonderful talk you gave our members this morning. You had us all enthralled with your descriptions of mutinous donkeys, photo-bombing children and the warmth and hospitality of the villagers you met along the way. Definitely a huge undertaking and not one for the faint-hearted! Judging by the enthusiastic applause at the end, I’m sure the audience enjoyed your presentation as much as I did.’
Sue Tranter, Speaker Secretary, SARUM U3A

‘It was a brilliant talk, and much appreciated – as you could tell by the length of the applause at the end.’
Ian Reid, Speaker Secretary, Teesdale U3A

‘Thanks Fran – good talk. I am sure an invitation to return will be forthcoming.’
Chris Forse, Chairman, WARWICK U3A

‘Great talk on Stanley and Livingstone’
John Johnson, Speaker Secretary, WALLINGFORD U3A

‘Thank you for your most interesting talk you gave to us last month. You covered a lot of ground and I for one learnt a lot!’

‘Many thanks for your entertaining and informative talk to us yesterday, which had an enthusiastic reception from our members. I have had many complimentary comments from people who were there.’
Frank Cross, Speaker Secretary, BOOKHAM U3A

‘Those of us present for your talk really enjoyed it, and in due course I would like to book you again.’
Annette Thompson, Speaker Secretary, RIDGEWAY U3A

‘Liphook recently had the pleasure of listening to a lecture by Fran Sandham on his solo walk across Africa; factual, together with being amusing, Fran kept his audience attention throughout. A very interesting lecture.’
Hazel Williams, Speaker Secretary, LIPHOOK U3A

‘I enjoyed your talk, and I think the thing which impressed me was the weight loss which showed how gruelling it was. The feedback I got this week from members was that they enjoyed it too.’
Barbara Richardson, Speaker Secretary, MARLOW U3A

‘Thanks for your enjoyable talk.’
Winifred Conway, Speaker Secretary, BOLTON U3A

‘Fran’s talk on Dr Livingstone and Henry Morton Stanley was vividly illustrated in both words and pictures, and presented much interesting background of the lead-up to their famous meeting in Africa.’

‘I have to say that your talk was so well received today that I will have no problems in recommending you to any other U3A’ groups.’
Collette Bentley, Speaker Secretary, SUDBURY U3A

‘Thanks for a most interesting and entertaining talk this afternoon.  It is a shame that so many of our members were away today – they missed a treat!’
Marilyn Pratt, ABERGAVENNY U3A

‘Thank you for an excellent talk, our members were delighted with it, and I am sure that
we will be inviting you back in the near future.’
Vic Martin, Programme Secretary, WARE U3A

‘Thanks very much for coming to give us what was a most interesting and informative talk about your trans Africa walk – which I suspect is something that most of us could not begin to contemplate.  It was a splendid adventure and the feedback from our members who were present was very positive, with everyone saying that they thoroughly enjoyed the talk.’   
David Hubbard, Speaker Secretary, UPPER NENE VILLAGES U3A

'It was so good to hear your lecture - there have been lots of positive comments - both to me and others of the Committee - and all of those members I have spoken with have told me they felt that they had really learned a lot and very much enjoyed hearing about your journey. Thank you again for a really fab talk.'
Gill Moroney, Speaker Secretary, TARPORLEY U3A

'Thanks again for an interesting and entertaining talk.'
Julie Stocks, Speakers Secretary, WITHAM U3A (LINCOLNSHIRE)

'Thank you very much again for a very interesting and well-delivered talk this afternoon; I have had some very good feedback. I hope you will be able to visit us again before too long.'
Nicky Neill, Programme Secretary, EVESHAM AND DISTRICT U3A

'Many thanks for your excellent talk yesterday. We had a record turnout and many very extremely favourable comments.'
Pam Davidoff, ARUN EAST U3A

'Thank you again for your talk – I have forwarded your details on to the person who will be arranging speakers for next year.'
Elisabeth Deith, Speaker Secretary, GREATER THAME U3A

'Many thanks for a great talk today.'
Jerry England, WATFORD PARK U3A

'Thank you for your talk. I found it absorbing, interesting and full of information I'd had no idea about! Feedback from other listeners was very enthusiastic also.'
Anne Parkes, Speaker Secretary, TOWCESTER U3A

'We really appreciated you coming to talk to us. Lots of members mentioned they'd enjoyed themselves, and I had this email yesterday: "I wanted to thank you for today's uplifting talk on crossing Africa on foot. There is so much hatred, building of walls and barbed wire fences and land mines that we are now familiar with that it seemed an age of lost innocence to hear him recount his travels with optimism and humour. Made a deep impression."'
Hilary Melton-Butcher, Speaker Secretary, EASTBOURNE MEADS U3A

'Your talk to us previously was very interesting and we would like to hear another one from you.'
Paul Weller, Speakers Secretary, KENILWORTH U3A

'Thank you so much for your interesting talk this afternoon.'  

'Very many thanks for your presentation. You did not disappoint.'
Doreen Thomas, Chair, CROSBY U3A

'Many thanks again for the talk. The audience was mesmerised.'
Averil MacDonald, Speaker Secretary, MONMOUTH U3A

'Thank you so much for speaking to our u3a group. I know from the many comments I have received, that everyone really enjoyed hearing you speak, and it was great to meet you.'
Christine Balance, Speaker Secretary, LYMM & THELWALL U3A

'Many thanks for a very interesting talk, there were quite a few guests who came for your talk and that is unusual.'
Carol White, Speaker Secretary, RADCLIFFE ON TRENT U3A

'Thank you for yesterday's amazing talk, certainly one of the best I have attended, and so do you have any other talks that we could book you for?'
Ron Muriel, Speaker Secretary, GORING GAP U3A

'Thanks very much Fran for a thoroughly entertaining, interesting and humorous talk, I am certain that the memory of your donkey will stay with us for a long time. As the U3A talks organiser it is always pleasing to have audience members come up to me to say thank you for organising an enjoyable talk, which was certainly the case after your talk. I look forward to seeing you again before to long for another of your talks.'
Rae Cross, Programme Secretary, AMBLESIDE & DISTRICT U3A

'Thanks for the enjoyable talk'
Winifred Conway, Speaker Secretary, BOLTON U3A

'Many thanks for your talk last week.  It was an amazing achievement walking across Africa solo.'
Linda Starkey, Programme Secretary, WALLASEY U3A

'A very good talk on Stanley and Livingstone – I have had some very good comments.'
Jenny Butlin, Speaker Secretary, MARKET HARBOROUGH U3A

'Fran's talk went down well.'
Helena Selby, Speaker Secretary, ASHFIELD U3A

"Many thanks for an excellent talk."
John Haigh, Speaker Secretary, LYMINGTON U3A

"Thanks for a very interesting talk today. I thought you might like to know that several of our members said that they had enjoyed it, and were amazed at your courage and perseverence. We also enjoyed your humorous stories!"
Carol Morgan, Speaker Secretary, BRACKNELL FOREST U3A

"Your talk was excellent and I had lots of good comments from our members, We will see you again sometime again, l’m sure. I shall also pass on your details to other U3As."
Dennis Neigbbour, Speaker Secretary, GRAVESEND U3A

"Your talk was most interesting and very well received."
Tim Matthews, Speakers Secretary, EMS VALLEY U3A

"You made a great hit with our members who thoroughly enjoyed your talk and were marvelling at your bravery afterwards over their coffee."
Mady Inglearn, Speakers Secretary, HOUNSLOW U3A

"Thank you for the memorable talk you gave to Halewood U3A yesterday. It was a wonderful achievement to walk solo across Africa and you gave an interesting and informative talk with humorous moments, the events with the donkey in particular. The members were held throughout and gave very positive feedback.’
Liz Owen, Speaker Secretary, HALEWOOD U3A

"It was an absolute pleasure having you to speak to us, and I will definitely pass on your details. The group was so impressed with the talk so am sure that they'll love to have you again."
Patsy Stone, Speaker Secretary, SOLIHULL CENTRAL U3A

“Your talk this morning was very impressive, not just because of your very comprehensive research, but your presentation and illustrations were of real and NEW interest to many of us listening. Many folk commented to me how much they enjoyed your talk, and I have even received two emails which has not happened before and I have been in this role for three years now. So, well done.”
Lesley Waller, Speakers Secretary, SARUM U3A
“Have had some resounding praise for your talk from people there. Thanks so much.”
Sandy Boden, Chair, BROMLEY U3A

“Thanks for a most interesting and entertaining talk.”

“Your talk went down well and I personally know more about Livingstone and Stanley than I did before.”
Trudy Donachie, Speaker Secretary, PEMBURY U3A

“Thanks on behalf of the Tonbridge U3A for a most interesting and informative presentation about your solo walk across Africa. Your presentation was well received by our members and recent feedback was extremely positive. A truly awesome adventure.”
Chris Jarman, Speaker Team, TONBRIDGE U3A

“We very much enjoyed your talk and I will keep the details of your other talks for future consideration.”
Pam Benson, Speaker Secretary, WARSASH U3A

“Thank you Fran, that was an excellent talk. I shall keep your details for the future.”
Theresa Byles, Speaker Secretary, MALDON U3A

“Your talk was great and most interesting. Many thanks for a very entertaining afternoon.”
John Cardwell, Speaker Secretary, RICHMOND UPON THAMES U3A

“We all really enjoyed your talk & your style of delivery. Do you talk on any other subjects?”
Diane Fitton, SOUTHPORT U3A

“Thank you so much for your very interesting and entertaining talk. I have had some great feedback, our members thoroughly enjoyed your presentation."
Kathryn Shaw, Speakers Secretary, POTTERS BAR U3A

'Thank you so much for a wonderful illustrated talk on Stanley and Livingstone.'
Jim Dwyer, Chair, SAFFRON WALDEN U3A

'Thank you so much for your talk today. Everyone enjoyed it enormously.'
Michael Astrop, Speaker Secretary, TODOMORDEN U3A

'Thank you for a brilliant talk on Stanley and Livingstone yesterday. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy it, but everyone I spoke to after our meeting was full of praise for your talk.'
Glynis Evans, Chair, LEA VALLEY U3A

'I thoroughly enjoyed your talk on Stanley and Livingstone yesterday.'
Carol White, Speaker Secretary, RADCLIFFE ON TRENT U3A

'Thanks so much for your talk on Stanley and Livingstone yesterday. It was most fascinating and the feedback was very positive.'  
Brian Hinners, Speaker secretary, SOAR VALLEY U3A

'Thanks for your very interesting and informative talk on Stanley and Livingstone.'
Pippa Holliday, Chair, BECCLES U3A

'Thank you for a very interesting and engaging talk, as many of our members who were there yesterday have said to me already. It was good to hear someone who's been there, done it, and got the T shirt. I bet there are lots of other yarns you could tell us about if time was on your side.'
Peter Bowers, Speaker Secretary, HOCKLEY & HAWKWELL U3A

'Thank you so much for coming along to speak to us today, your talk was interesting, informative, entertaining and very professionally delivered – I’ve had many appreciative comments already. I would be interested to hear of any other talks you can offer!'
Pamela Ball, Speaker Secretary, AUGHTON & ORMSKIRK U3A

'Our U3A members really enjoyed your talk and  are still talking about it . Even members who did not attend have been telling me about the glowing reports they have heard and asking if we have booked you for next year.'
Janis Sweeney, Speaker Secretary, WIGAN U3A

'I’ve received many positive comments about your talk. Please accept my thanks on behalf of Kibworth u3a for entertaining and informing our members so well.'
John Freeland, Speaker Secretary, KIBWORTH U3A

'An impressive talk on Stanley and Livingstone, both detailed and entertaining.'

'Thank you, Fran for your engaging talk on Friday. Judging by the buzz at coffee time I can safely say that you were a great success. You are definitely on the list of repeat speakers.'
Ruth Leydon, Speaker Secretary, SOLIHULL WIDNEY U3A
'Many thanks for an excellent talk on Stanley and Livingstone yesterday, I am sure that it was enjoyed by everyone.'
Bob Mansell, Speaker Secretary, DORRIDGE U3A

'Everyone enjoyed your talk on Stanley and Livingstone very much.'
Carol Wrate, Speaker Secretary, MEDWAY U3A

'Fran gave us the fascinating history of two famous 19th century pioneers, Dr Livingstone, who was looking for the source of the Nile, and Henry Morton Stanley, who was looking for Dr Livingstone. It was a very exciting tale, told with much enthusiasm and humour.'

'Your talk on Stanley and Livingstone was very much enjoyed. I could see people were very engaged, and I, for one, learnt a lot about those two characters.'
Rosemary Woodward-Court, Speaker Secretary, PRINCES RISBOROUGH U3A

'Thank you for a really interesting talk which our members very much enjoyed. I heard lots of positive comments afterwards, and we had record attendance since Covid!'
Janice Whiting, Speaker Secretary, WHEATHAMPSTEAD U3A

'Your presentation yesterday was very much enjoyed – I hope we may see you again.'   
Derek Carpenter, Speaker Secretary, MALLING U3A

'Thank you for an entertaining and well-received talk yesterday.'  
Chris Steward, Chair, WANSTEAD & WOODFORD U3A

'Thank you for your enlightening, amusing and interesting talk and presentation on your travels across Africa, with its trials and tribulations. What an achievement! It was nicely supported by endearing images of the people and places your encountered.'
John Sutton, Chair & Programme Secretary, THAME & DISTRICT U3A

'Your talk was very well received by the U3A members. Thank you so much.'
Cindy Willoughby, Speaker Secretary, HEART OF ENGLAND U3A

'Such an enjoyable afternoon. Your talk was fascinating.'
Sandra Clarke, Speaker Secretary, COVENTRY U3A

'Your talk was very well received by  a large audience. Thanks again for a very interesting and informative talk which changed our view on Livingstone and Stanley.'
Paul Weller, Speakers Secretary, KENILWORTH U3A

'The feedback on your talk has been very positive.'
Adrian Garai, Speakers Secretary, LEOMINSTER U3A

'At the end of your talk I could have listened to you for another hour.'
Louise Brealey, Speaker Secretary, STAFFORD U3A

'Fran's tales about Stanley and Livingstone were fascinating.'

'Thanks for your superb presentation today. Lots of people made very positive comments, such as
"The talk was both informative and highly entertaining".'

'Thank you very much for talking to the Yateley and District U3A. I'm delighted to say that I had lots of a positive feedback from the membership who thought your talk was very interesting and your self-challenge unusual.'
Linda Norman, Speaker Secretary, YATELY U3A

'Thank for your talk on Stanley and Livingstone this afternoon. It was very interesting and very well received by your audience.'
Val Foley, Speaker Secretary, RAYLEIGH U3A

'Your mixture of very amusing if sometimes painful anecdotes with the practicalities of such a strenuous journey was very popular with our members yesterday. Thank you again for a very enjoyable presentation.'
Jackie Little, Speaker Secretary, WEST OXFORD U3A

'Thank you so much for your very interesting talk about Stanley and Livingstone. Several members have told me how much they enjoyed your talk and how little they all knew about Stanley – what a character. Just a couple of the comments: "What an enthusiastic speaker"; "Fantastic talk"; "That was a super talk Fran Sandham gave – so informative & interesting – he's a very engaging speaker."'
Sue Mayne, Speaker Secretary, MARLOW U3A


Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival, Oxford University
Deloitte and Touche, London
The Times Destinations Travel Show (Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London)
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SAGA cruises - MV Spirit of Adventure
The University of Winchester (Winchester Writers' Conference)
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Lanchester Association, Coventry
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Rayleigh u3A
West Oxford U3A
Marlow U3A

Radio interviews:

'A lively and engaging speaker whose  journey on foot across Africa needs to be heard
to be believed'

'Fran was wonderful - we LOVED the interview - and we are giving it 20 minutes airplay, which is VERY unusual ... He was very down to earth, warm and human - a natural storyteller with a big taste for adventure. A great guest who had us all captivated'

'Fran not only inspired the staff at Radio City but also inspired our whole audience. We
have had many positive calls about his book and about his journey, and we would have him back as a guest any time he wanted to. That was a great interview'

'Just the sort of thing we like. An interesting half hour of radio - Fran's contribution was
much appreciated!'

'Fran's interview was fascinating and a lot of listeners have told me how much they
enjoyed it. It was a real insight into what he went through, and I can't believe how he seems to have taken it so calmly and in his stride! I suspect he may have made light of many of the trials and tribulations ... He's a great talker  - he really told it in an entertaining and humorous way, and he was so easy to interview'

'A pleasure to chat - most interesting!'

'Top job, Fran!'

'A great guest'

Radio interviews include:

BBC Radio 4's Excess Baggage programme
BBC Radio 5 Live's Simon Mayo show
BBC Radio 5 Live's Up All Night show
Today FM
BBC London 94.9 FM's Late Show
BBC London 94.9 FM's Breakfast Show
LBC's Alison Bell show
BBC Southern Counties Radio’s Mid Morning show
BBC Southern Counties Radio’s Drive Time show
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BBC Radio Nottingham
BBC Radio Solent
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BBC Radio Manchester
BBC Three Counties Radio
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BBC`Radio Suffolk
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City Talk FM
Riverside Radio
BBC Radio Kent
BBC Coventry and Warwickshire
BBC Radio Merseyside
BBC Radio Nottingham

Below: Fran Sandham on BBC Radio 4's Excess Baggage programme discussing Traversa with host John McCarthy, author Alexander Maitland and historian Clifford Pereira (Broadcasting House, London) excess_baggage_1.jpeg_small.2.jpg

Press Coverage:

Recent press coverage in the UK and elsewhere includes interviews, features and reviews in the Sunday Times, the Daily Telegraph, the Irish Times, the New York Times, the Observer, the Daily Mail Online, the Financial Times, the Scotsman, The Good Book Guide, The Herald, Guardian Unlimited, the Irish Examiner,, the Daily Post, The Examiner, Adventure Travel, Yorkshire Evening Post, Travel Africa magazine, In London magazine, Living South Magazine, Country Walking magazine, Kent on Sunday, Backpacker magazine, Insight magazine, the Holland Herald, Optima magazine, Rise magazine, Namib Times, Herald and Post, Walk magazine, the South African Times,, The Guide magazine, Booktime magazine, CityLife, Outside magazine, The Liverpool Echo, Transitions Abroad, Sport magazine, Travel Namibia magazine, Luton Today, Lifestyle magazine, Outdoor Enthusiast magazine, The Bookbag, Abroad magazine, Strider magazine, Ham&High, The Argus, Namibia News, Transmitter magazine, East London Advertiser, Birkenhead News, Chester Standard, The Truth About Books, Active magazine, South African, Kingston Informer, Heswall NewsReading Evening Post, Travelhappy, Bromborough and Bebington News, Mama Tembo Times, Greenock Telegraph,, Gazette and Herald, Romford Recorder, Wigan News, The Wharf, Wimbledon Guardian, Wallasey News, Streatham Guardian, Chester Evening Leader, the East End Advertiser, Neston News and Docklands.